Oct. 21, 2019

042 Satyen Raja: How to Cultivate Your Inner Warrior and Sage?

042 Satyen Raja: How to Cultivate Your Inner Warrior and Sage?

When you are centered at the core of your being, true actions that are resolute and impactful arise. That is the warrior philosophy. In this episode, be enlightened by , gifted mentor and the  Founder and CEO of . Satyen opens up about his...

NW 41 | Warrior Philosophy


When you are centered at the core of your being, true actions that are resolute and impactful arise. That is the WarriorSage philosophy. In this episode, be enlightened by Satyen Raja, gifted mentor and the Founder and CEO of WarriorSage. Satyen opens up about his childhood yearnings that started his path of truth-seeking that led him to a fascination for Eastern wisdom. He discusses his unique ability to see people and individuals for who they are and who they can be and teaches how you can find your truth and awaken the warrior in you. Satyen emphasizes having successfully guided leaders and influencers and how you live your life speaks louder than any lectures you create.

We talked about:

  • Our greatest wounds are the sources of our greatest gift
  • Finding your truth vs. living your truth.
  • Discern contact versus projection on where people are
  • Mastery and a lifelong cultivation
  • Meditation and the dulling of our edges
  • Masculine consciousness and the illusion of completion
  • The dissolution of polarities
  • The power of the question: “who am I?”
  • Plant medicine ceremonies as the conscious learning dojos
  • What’s transcendent leadership?
  • Growing our gravitas in the world
  • And more...

Quotable quotes

  • “Find the true measure within to make the impact one has.”
  • "The past is memory and the future is imagination. We might as well craft our imagination."
  • “Struggle is effort laced with negative emotion.”
  • "Integration is a way of life. Awakening is a way of life. Action is a way of life."
  • "It's better to be humble all the time than to be humiliated all at once."
  • "When you're clear with who you are, you'll be more in the driver's seat of your life and empowered in your choices."
  • "We fill the room with who we are, not with our identities."
  • WarriorSage is where we use the things that are antagonistic in life to bring us enlightenment.
  • Enlightenment to me means ultimately going from struggle into silent power and then flowing with reality in a very useful, joyful and ecstatic way.


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The Warrior Philosophy With Satyen Raja

I'm excited to have my teacher, Satyen Raja, with me. I met Satyen many years ago. Who he is to me is an embodied teacher. Not only he has a wealth of wisdom, depth of knowledge and all kinds of domain expertise, but he also embodies his teaching from the place of masculinity, spirituality and entrepreneurship. All kinds of ways to live a fully aligned life, mind, body, heart and spirit. Thank you so much for being on the show, Satyen.

CK, thank you so much.

Why don't we start off with a quote that was quoted in training? You had said, “Our biggest wounds are the source of our biggest gifts.” If you don't mind walking us back to your origin story, what were your biggest wounds as you’re growing up, which in turn, became your biggest gift and your biggest superpowers? That would be an amazing start for us.

First, it was the feeling of being very out sorts and not fitting into life. I’m feeling very alienated and not fitting into the Western culture.

How were you feeling at that time?

Right from the beginning, I am somehow feeling alienated. I have a very loving family, yet the schooling and watching TV, these things felt very unreal to me. I didn't have words for it. It felt that way. The loneliness was my core wound. It’s not being seen, wanting to have my parents who were very devoted and hardworking traditional Indian family business people. They had their businesses, the highs and lows of all of that. With all the energy it takes to run home-based businesses all their life, I felt that I’m not getting the attention I wanted. I was yearning for something deeper. I didn't have words for it, but I can understand that's what it was.

What happened was I came across seeing Kung Fu with David Carradine and Bruce Lee, which lit me on fire. I saw this temple image, a place where people can come and dedicate themselves to a lifestyle of empowerment, spiritual order, mastering of self and mastering of relationship with existence. That lit me up. I felt that was the way I wanted to walk. I knew that was my home, even though I knew it's TV and mythic and entertainment. I had a sense that there must be something like this still on the planet. This quality of depth that was expressed to this Eastern wisdom, these spiritual fables, these metaphorical allegorical stories that awaken in ways that elicit wisdom. This path of truth-seeking became the fire that was lit.

What were some of the first steps that were pivotal in a way to find your own truth? I want to preface that question with this. A lot of times we hear people say, “Follow your bliss, find your truth.” “I definitely want to do that.” “Love yourself more.” But how do you do that? I would say that's one of the hardest things to do in our lifetime, to define our own truth, live your own truth and then live it fully without pretense. Share with us some of the pivotal points that you had.

In some of the great wisdom teachings that I was privy to, dove into, studied and thirsted for, a lot of it points to a state of beingness where one starts to surrender the desire for some type of outcome. What I did was I started that being sense. I also came into this power of the warrior philosophy. The warrior philosophy at its core is that there are true actions that arise from when one is centered at the core of their being. Those actions tend to be very resolute, clean, not complicated and simple. They have a strong effect on life in reality. This capacity within us of the warrior, I saw as a very valuable piece to cultivate to awaken. That warrior to me also represented not just fighting truth but living truth, aligned with whatever truth one discovers. It's not about more truth, discovering some type of esoteric truth. What about the truth of how I am aligned with my life, my relationships, my friends and myself? It doesn't have to be so extrapolated. You can start with, “How honest am I?” The truth doesn't have to be some metaphysical far off idea.

Some abstract idea.

“How honest am I? How real am I? How much distortion in what I'm saying? How much do I over-speak, under-speak? How much am I expressing too much and letting go of silence power that's within me?” Sometimes we blabbed too much. Sometimes we don't speak our voice enough. To me, the path of the water was the path that says, “Find the true measure within to make the impact one has.”

Can you elaborate on that?

I believe that this core wound that we talked about, for me, it was not being felt and seen. I've made the rest of my life dedicated to seeing people's core wounds and seeing them for their superpowers. I thrive. I become very excited by life. I feel I'm in my path when I see people and I see what they're capable of. What their mastery is, what their inherent, full capacity of fulfillment can be. I see them as they are without any limitations. In seeing that, to me, that's an exhilarating path to walk upon. The past is like a memory and the future is imagination. We might as well craft our imagination.

How do you discern what's available versus your projection of these people? If you do it in an immature way, then you're not being sympathetic or empathetic to my wounds or my difficulties. How do you discern in that space?

It's so valuable to have a heart connection to contact someone's heart first. If you're in a position of leadership, guidance, giving a reflection in any professional way, then it's important that you set aside your agenda. You feel at least at an intent level. How can I be of service to this person's evolution? You allow the screen within to be blank. You surrender all the things that you think you need to know and then you'd come into true contact with who's with you. You allow the rest of the universe to fade away when I tried to do it. There's just myself and them, bare-naked with truth in full contact and I see them. What I've come to discover is that the very thing I wanted most to be seen happens to be the gift that I can offer the best.

I believe that it is our inherent capacity in every single one of us. Whoever's reading this, whatever you did not get enough of, I know what behind that and if you haven't discovered it already, many of you have already discovered that if you give that gift, you transmute it. You alchemize it in consciousness. You stop the endless seeking as all the great masters have said. They all point to this truth that excessive seeking always backfires. It always allows the butterfly to stay one step ahead of landing on your shoulder. You’re always pushing and exerting. My teacher, Stewie, they said to me once, “Struggle is effort laced with negative emotion.” Action is required, but it doesn't have to be filled with heroics. It doesn't have to be filled with valiant energies of victory over woe. It doesn't have to be inspired by feats of revenge or one-upmanship or any of this. It's pure, clean action born from the center of spirit with it.

One of the common responses that a lot of people who are reading this or wondering should they or should they not do meditation, their concern is, “I don't want to dull my edge.”

It's a real thing. It's a real concern. Your edge will dull.

Can you say more about that?

Whatever edge you think is going to get dull, it's going to get dull. If you think it's the crush it thrives, keep making it bust all walls down until you attain your goal without no quarter, then it's a very powerful energy to cultivate in one's life. I believe that do or die, there is no backdoor. I succeed in spite of my fear. This is a very powerful mindset to develop as well as an attitude, especially earlier on in life. If we don't have that, if we haven't cultivated earlier on in life, somehow we feel we haven't fulfilled that make it by our own brow energy. That particular aspect within us is very good to exercise it in healthy ways. In ways that are symbiotically balanced, that are in good relationship with your family, your health, your time management, your time with nature and existence. If it becomes too extreme, all the great wisdom teachings always share that there's some type of balancing force that occurs when one is excessively yang towards any outcome.

[caption id="attachment_624" align="aligncenter" width="600"]NW 41 | Warrior Philosophy WarriorSage Philosophy: When you've set aside your agenda and intentionally asked yourself how you can be of service to another person's evolution, only then you'll come into true contact with his or her full potential for growth.[/caption]


I believe this is inherited already within us, this knowingness. Our life is a reflection of the degree of our equilibrium or out-of-kilterness. The thing about the beauty of life, to me, the joy of life, it's like one of these circus acts where there are these sticks and poles with the spinning plates on top. You've got to go around and spin all the plates. If you lose attention to the ones on the end, they'll start wobbling, too much and eventually fall. You'll see the more artistry, humor, and joy one can turn it into spinning plates into an incredible act that inspires all. The aspects of life are upon us. We can make art out of it or we can struggle if we run around. Struggling happens when we don't pay attention and keep moving through the plates of life and touch them with the essence, with enough force, not too much. Touch them in the right amount of order and ultimately becomes effortless.

This is not a binary thing. It's a lifelong cultivation. There's no arrival at mastery. There's no arrival at integration. Integration is a way of life. Awakening is a way of life. Action is a way of life. When we realize there's another fallacy within our consciousness, it's a trick in consciousness. That trick as some would call the masculine consciousness, the striving consciousness or the attainment consciousness that believes, “Sooner or later when I achieve X, Y, and Z, I will be finally free. All have arrived. I can finally do what I wanted to do and have the time with my family. Have the time to meditate. Have the time to do the deeper explorations and being.” When in fact, those are the hilarious things that you need to do now to generate the time. It's absolutely ass backwards. We must be the freedom first to transmit and generate experiences of freedom. The freedom that's one will be lost. The only thing that will be awakened within us temporarily is the highs and lows of some value to win. Some picking ourselves up from the bottom and the units of life force that extreme gives us until it's no longer needed until we realize, “I'm playing this game. I don't have to be stuck in this antagonistic duality of success and lost.”

One of the biggest takeaways from the five-day training that we had was the importance of integration. As you said, “Often in the rollercoaster of life, the highest of highs, the lowest of lows is when we get the most juice and the biggest lessons.” In reality, you don't need to wait until you hit those maximum points or minimum points. It's in the moment when you spin the plate, you create that dynamic balance to truly integrate so you can operate from the space of equanimity. I appreciate that because in my mind, even though intellectually I understood, I didn't have the actual processes other than meditation. That takes a long time and it doesn't always come. I can't be at ayahuasca ceremonies every day. How do you actually concretize that and make it assessable every day?

This is what we've been diving into. This body of work that was crafted by many great teachers of mine to Yogeshwar Muni, Charles Berner. Other mentors, systems, philosophies and consciousness-raising methods we've assembled and we have crafted it in a way that is easily accessible, duplicatable and can enter our way of beingness. For me, the living of these principles is the real testimony of we can be the demonstration of our own values, virtues, and wholeness. It's not about following anything than the imprint of your highest right now. That's what we've been focusing on access. Developing our ability to go into it over into these higher states of consciousness. If you will, modes of turbo, psycho, spiritual, meditative absorption, they take us into high states from our very problems. To me, it's a very simple path where we use the things that are antagonistic in life to bring us enlightenment. Enlightenment to me means ultimately going from struggle into silent power and then flowing with reality in a very useful, joyful and ecstatic way.

For you, will the benchmark of an embodied master be under any circumstances embody the joy and aliveness?

It is not necessarily. It's absolutely signature and unique.

Can you say more about that?

We have individuals you've seen here that when they start letting go and integrate their greatest fears, the obstacles that are holding them back from the action that they need to take forward in the world, whatever psycho-spiritual obstacle and it's transformed within minutes. They might be even more exuberant. They might have been repressed in their anger. They might feel, “What are we doing to the children? What are we doing in the forest?” They're true anger, the rage that's coming from their hearts might come forth. It might bubble over and be strong, but after a while, it'll become even more powerful. It will turn into a gift through strong evocative communication that penetrates the stiffness and the numbness of people's hearts and souls.

The self-expression may be different based on the individual. In your case, you have that warrior way of being. In somebody else, maybe joyous. In somebody else, maybe bitter and angry in a way that awakens people.

Our personality structure I feel is either for us or against us. All the layers and all the angles and directions of the multiplicity of identities were carried forth animating our true self through the identities of, “I am worthy. I'm not worthy. Father, do you love me? Father, I'm lovable. Mother, leave me alone. Mother, I can do it on my own.” All these particular identities but even though we're carrying around. We bring them out. We're living through them with our bosses, children, colleagues, friends, educators and ourselves. It's a madhouse of identities. When we come to ourselves, which is the essential perennial wisdom, no one can own that. No one can trademark that. No one can have any magical formula for that. What we do have is a capacity to come into union with the truth of ourselves quickly and rapidly.

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What are some of the benchmarks I’ve touched a moment to myself, my own truth?

In the Zen traditions, we carry that forth in one of our kensho processes. Kensho, the meaning from the Zen tradition of self-inquiry through contemplations taken on inquiring life parables. What is the meaning of life? Who am I? What am I? There are many of them, but those are essential life questions that many of us have. When you take on the question, “Who am I?” One of the essential realizations is that one is the self. I am me but it's not an idea. It doesn't come with, “Here's what I am and here's what my career is. Here's what my job is. Here are my roles in life.” It's something that is prior, post and transcendent to any roles, relationships, juxtapositions, vias, sense, spiritual extrapolations, dimensions, fairies, goddesses, gods and any Cleopatras. It is what the greats have talked about that cannot be spoken about.

What it is to me is absolutely real and that's one of the foundational things to get is, “Who am I?” When you get that, then whatever work you're doing, if you're a carpenter, you will be a greater carpenter. If you're a mother, you will be a greater mother. You'll be more in the driver's seat of your life. You're not going to be acting out of identities. You're going to be acting out and you'll be able to be more empowered in your choice. To me, those are the foundational kenshos. It's not a permanent state of awakening. They are dips into the absolute of self and we can build on that by having that flavor, that vibration and that taste of truth but we build on that. If we realize I am me, then stop living like you're somebody else. That's how you live that life. Stop trying to live someone else's dream of you, the society's dream of you, your wife, your husband's dream, your expectations of anyone else. What is my expectation of myself? That is the power of who am I.

In the moment rather than from my past or inherited from my parents.

From my new state of knowing who I am, unqualified bear against existence. That's the, “Who am I?” experience. This can expand and mature, “What am I?” It can be very multidimensional and very cosmic in certain ways. These experiences aren't the truth itself. They're experiences. Those are the terms that we use are always limited. We all know this. If we were to play with language for artistry's sake, as poets do, then we can say that what am I can be expressed as everything and nothingness. Some point out where everything and some point out where nothing. Some will get that their everything nothingness and some people would get the nothing of everything-ness. This is where all the language and duality all fall away and then it becomes truth itself. When others have touched that nectar and you've touched that nectar, there's a tacit knowing you can be in contact with that truth that goes beyond.

There is a lot of directions we can go. You had talked about your superpower, the ability to see people, individuals for who they are and who they can be and their gift to give. I will also say one of your superpowers as well as your experiences to be able to identify fellow embodied teachers. What are some of the ways or benchmark? How do you know you have met another master?

Look at everyone in the eyes that you see for the next month and see them as a master.

You don't limit them for whatever the identity may be. Just see them as a master.

The world needs us to all be masters at play. You are a master at your craft. I have only started knowing the touch of you. I heard that you’re an exemplary dancer. I had no idea. You have never mentioned that to me. Here's a whole domain of your beauty that I have not even touched and one day, I look forward to seeing. It's a very good thing. My martial art teacher said to me, “Satyen, it's better to be humble all the time than to be humiliated all at once.” It's good to learn. Absorb what's useful, discard what's not but you also got to be discerning. In this day and age where bullying can be confused as depth or sing-song and dance can be a detraction and distraction, illusion and delusion from the embodiment of living the truth. It's very captivating and seductive the things on the path of growth.

Let us jam on that for a moment. You're a teacher. As a teacher, how would you like to measure or discern the impact you make in the world or do you even care about that?

[caption id="attachment_625" align="aligncenter" width="600"]NW 41 | Warrior Philosophy WarriorSage Philosophy: When you're clear with who you are, you'll be more in the driver's seat of your life and empowered in your choices.[/caption]


We've been here together and I'm remembering, we had people from 25 years that have known me, work with me and have been my family and friends from everyone brand new to different generations. I was struck by that because I was feeling what's the impact? Quite frankly, I like to keep my nose to the ground and keep stepping forward. I know my personality. I have a strong personality. The alpha energetic and whatever predilections I have. I saw what's human desire? It says I'm a manifester. I think the shadow side of that is what I've lived through in my life, which is the shadow of sex, power and money within all of us.

I'm a practitioner first and foremost. To me, there's only being a practitioner. We're all students and teachers, every one of us. I'm open to everyone and I also love to study for people. I've never found anyone perfect. There are a few that are absolutely bastardly, but most people are a combination of screwed up and brilliant. For me, the discernment is to absorb what's useful added to my repertoire. If I see aspects in teachers that don't match me anymore, I look for it within myself and I try to clean that up. I've had to and I keep doing it. I don't think there's any arrival. The I Ching was a very powerful teaching for me. It’s the Book of Changes from the Chinese philosophy.

One of the hexagrams points to the fact that the superior man, woman, even if they go to the heights of their own power, a ruler, a king, a CEO, a leader of a company, their leader of their own business, leader of their family, it's very easy to get diluted by your own self-knowledge, by your own wisdom that you've come to, by your own knowledge, by your own success, you can become diluted. It's valuable to have other peers who can keep you in a powerful Sunga. A community where someone can say, “These are your gifts my brother, my sister, my friend. This is perhaps the shadows to be aware of that I see in you.” We've listened to that with authenticity. We take it in and we continue to hone ourselves. The consciousness Dojo. It's not about neurotically self-improving. This forwarding action also has to be sourced and everything is perfect, which is always the paradox. Rather than fight the paradox of being or doing, we can become active in the spectrum of the same thing. To me, it's the same. There's no separation between being and doing.

The origin of question, even mentioning all of that, the benchmarking, the impact of measurement and all these other things is I may say, “In order to make the impact I want to make in the world, let me play these games of marketing and games such that they become my students. Once I hook them with what they want, then I'll give them what they need.”

There's a valid truth in all of that.

What is your point of view on this?

You're going to attract the people that are moved by that. If you want people who are moved by that, those are the types of people you're going to get. It’s like a childhood game of Snakes and Ladders. There are ladders and snakes that take you up to another level. If you hit one of the snakes, it may take you down again. A bunch of people is playing to get all the way to the end. There are snakes and ladders along the way. In a way, the growth is like that. You go up, you make a fall. You learn again. It's not linear. It's a very holistic lifetime approach.

Do you measure it and do you use the techniques, tactics, even though they may be inauthentic to you?

For me, the first thing to cultivate is congruency with how one lives their life. There’s a beautiful, strong warrior sage man, Memnon brother. He has a very strong Facebook page. Someone asked him, “Memnon, will you put these other podcasts? Will you make these shares more?” He says, “My weapon is not my words. My weapon is how I live my life.” The way we can live our life, if we know inside ourselves are congruent with our own innermost truth, then that settling within ourselves allows us to have less the desire to project images. Evocative, provocative or seductive images.

There is no need for that.

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What happens is over true self fills the screen with who we are. We fill the room with who we are, not with our identities. We fill over communication channels with who we are. We go away from contrivance and the formulation and move deeper into contact from self to others. To me, the term God is plural and singular. It's the multiplicity of all of us combined as well as the singularity of the unity of the oneness. The word team is singular and plural. I believe all of us together, we are one and we are plural and many. We could hold that unity of these seeming opposites and we don't have to fight these seeming opposites when we can embrace it. From there, what happens is we can make an impact that goes deeper into people's souls and hearts. It impacts them deeper than the superficial layers of the mind or brain or their aversion or attraction imprints.

We start moving beyond that and we start touching their souls, touching their being. To do that, we have to be in touch with our being and speak into their being direct. What I find is the architecture, the models of how the communication flow happens become very unique and artistic into oneself. It starts to flourish and move. You find your cadence of delivery. You find your nuance of choice of topic. You mature with the movement, but you’ve got to keep acting. If you're always trying to line up the ducks, wisdom would say they'll keep always moving out of order.

You'll always be waiting. I'm changing the subject a little bit. There are different technologies out there. In your training, you shared with me some powerful methodologies to integrate clarities and negative charges. There are also plant medicine. Are you open to talk about that? In what situations do you use one plant medicine or other plant medicines versus some other ones? You have this vast set of tools that you use at your disposal.

Whenever I have people for a longer period of time and they're committed to a longer-term program of transformation and up-leveling, whatever they wish the transformation, I'll bring in plant medicines in the context of a greater whole of practices. I have found that plant medicines on their own can be very valuable and transformative. In the context of pre-work and post-work and continuing to integrate the life lessons, which can be many coming on of a ceremony into these beautiful dimensions in consciousness. Also, the camaraderie, the holding of a collective container of other heart connected individuals that are growing together and continuing practice like a Dojo. In that context, I find that plant medicine goes beyond a healer, therapeutic, transformational type of a starting point. It starts to become a personal trainer.

You take on the goddess existence. However you're anthropomorphization or how you see that reality show up, it becomes a training ground for the warrior sage within you. You go in Neo into this world where you're developing, “Can I jump from this building to the other building?” Neo doubts himself in this world, but he goes into that alternate reality to drill his faith, his belief, and his inner consciousness development. I believe that's what we can do ultimately with these medicines. They can go beyond as remedies and move into profound, exquisite training Dojos for us who are in leadership positions. Those of us who have done a lot of inner work for themselves. In context, utilizing these accelerated evolution methods, I like to use those to eliminate the psychological and emotional barriers that people have before they go into plant medicine journeys. The obvious ones, the ones that are most triggering, the ones that are on the surface, the ones that people know of.

The ones within their realm of awareness.

By taking them through those, it becomes a harmonious field of being that starts to grow in oneself. The charges now become opportunities. They become potential. They become choice-potentizers. It's the calling back of the lost units of attention to recapitulate the energy and to pull back from where you have hooks. The Hawaiians call this the Aka Cords. Where are you having attachments that are leaking your life force? Some would call it vampiric energy-sucking you. Where have you got some unconscious game or arrangement of disempowering yourself while you're empowering some type of entity? Some would call it the lost aspects of my soul. There's this fragmented aspect of the soul within consciousness, within this sphere is of infinite reality. Calling over soul back into full union with all of our parts so we will become integrated a whole. This is what we've been doing. I believe we have the power in our hands to do this in a very rapid way as you've experienced. To me, it's extremely rapid, very deep and one can self-administer. My personal mission is to empower us as leaders to be able to have the self-administering as well as very rapid ways of transforming groups that we're working with.

I'm a technologist. I'm a little more affinity for technology. As a technology maker, I also know that I become keenly aware of the limitation of the tools that we have. Not everything is a nail if have a hammer. Within that, these spiritual technologies are very powerful and there are also limitations to it because requires physical contact and a skilled facilitator to deliver such transformation, such benefits to a group of people. There are other technologies like artificial intelligence or machine learning type things or software. The internet is an example. Possibly as a way to multiply the number of people you can impact, but maybe not at the depth of a skilled facilitator. I'm curious to know as this is your mission to make an impact in the world, to alleviate people of suffering, negative charges. What is your thought about using some of these technologies, machine learning, all these other things as a way to deliver more breath?

I'm 110% I’m all for it. I was influenced by Timothy Leary’s writings. He shared in some way that we're continuously moving more to a technological or the wheel was a technology. We've advanced far more than the wheel, but that's an advanced technology before there was a wheel. The same as a stone. It was a technology when we all we knew was our hands. We have this incredible leap, computer science and all that means all these. We're still out of the gates. Timothy spoke about and the way I took it as if we're spirit as an example, divine individuals with choice, then even our body-minds are biological technology, but nonetheless, technology. Rather than resist technological change, rather than think, “That's technological and against the path of nature.” What if the technology is the outgrowing and continuous what we call electrical, chemical, mechanical, computer or artificial, can be attributed to these non-organic worlds?

What if those are also extensions of consciousness? I believe that we are continuously evolving as a being, which has the capacity to experience itself through infinite forms of vias, some being the eyes, the senses, touch and taste. Now, they will be subtler. I'm all for technology. I feel what's also valuable with the technology of all the great wisdom points from Oppenheimer to Einstein. They've all shared that we must continue to create our technology and keep the flame of wisdom strong. The legend of Atlantis, whether it's real or not, the legend is that it fell from its grace because the technology advanced further than the wisdom, love and unity. That's a possibility that we are also in the same place.

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One of the Trans-Tech founders said, “We make what we are.” If we are not as conscious or aware, then there are ramifications times 100, 1,000, 10,000, one million, one billion.

Our ability to destroy the world is magnified greatly as leaders. Our ability to create magnificence is magnified many-fold. I wish in my heart that all leaders, anyone who's in any business position, who has the joy of creation, any artists, anyone who is in the realm of helping others come together and have more wholesome lines. I wish for us to be fully on the bandwagon with that and enlighten ourselves. Don't just say we're all in this. Get to the point where our enlightened brings us together in unified action. I feel that's what is the masterful creation we can do. We can go from individual success to collective success, not because we're left-wing oriented but because we're in adventures of the spirit.

It's ecstatic and it feels good to do so and we can now. The main areas to focus on, for me as a leader, I've seen the most valuable is the awakening of our inner power to illuminate and to awaken any egoic threads of power within us. Transmute it until we are exuding and living from enlightened power. We do the same with our sexual energy and power, which is the source of our creative life force. We see the darkness of trapped, repressed and distorted sexual energy all across the media. In some ways, it's very good that this is happening so that we can see that the shadow side that's lurking within us. We can blame and point fingers, but at the same time, let's clean up those propensities within us. I feel that when we have awakened this aspect within us, over sexual power, but enlightenment connected to our heart, soul, ecstasy or divine connection, this force that can go sideways and can topple us can also be very beneficial for the creative fullness of reality.

There's the flow of exchange that we call money. It's the relationship of exchange, which I'm saying is money. For me, it's the honoring of what I am, who I am, what I have to cultivate and gift to the world and how I share that honoring with you. How do we do that in an honorable, noble way that's sourced and grounded in the symbiotic relationship that this planet, that the earth plane is designed for? Not away from our symbiotic nature. Our systems, personal governance of our exchange mechanisms from old paradigms to new going from Fiat money currency systems, all the way into cryptocurrency and new forms of relationships of exchange and sovereignty. How we as sovereign beings can create not functional worlds, but ecstatic noble Camelot realities. I believe that's what we're at the cusp of and that's the ultimate invitation.

Another one of your intentions as a way to focus your energy because you can do a million different things and what you do as a creative genius that you are. One of your key focus areas is the empowerment of bringing that conscious leadership into being. To focus on conscious organizations. You call it transcendent leadership. One, why leaders versus a billion commoners? Two, how do you do that in organizations?

My dharma is to take those who are already making an impact. Dial them up, shore them up, get them strong. Pull out the weeds, clean up the internal sphere and find out their sword. What is their sword? What is their weaponry? Sharpen the sword. Train them in some new moves and get them back out on the planet. Everyone has their own system and things to offer. We’re sages by nature. We're not clickers or followers. We have developed ourselves. We have one foot in the metaphysical, one foot in this real world. Transcendent to me means as a leader above and beyond the ordinary, above and beyond the normal paradigms, going beyond.

Transcendent leadership for me, I feel it's the salvation of this planet. I believe that we as leaders, in front of us, me and you, whoever's reading, you've got how many people behind you that you're making an impact in. How you live your life is making an impact on those people. They're being influenced. How I'm living my life is impacting how my children live, what they think. How my daughter thinks a man should be and not be. My son, how a good man should be, a father should be or not. It doesn’t matter what I've taught my kids is what I've realized. It doesn't matter what I've taught them, what philosophy I have. They don't care about any of my stuff. My kids don't listen to me. They don't care about anything I say. They don't listen to any of my talks, my lectures and my podcast. My wife doesn't care for it at all either. How I live my life, that's what they look at.

That speaks louder than anything else.

They're coming back and I'm not hearing it from them directly. I'll hear it from a friend of theirs, a friend of a friend how they spoke about their father. How they spoke about their mother. Some lessons that we had shared or some life experience. I didn't even know that they would even say that about us. They would never say it to my face or maybe don't think about it. How many life lessons have you had that our fathers and mothers have given us, our teachers and our influencers? We are beings of influence. Influence needs to be 100%, not 99%. Enlightened leadership, transcendent leadership to me means awakening these potentialities. Coming into our vision and highest power. What is the power within us? What is our deepest why or vision of our mission? This is perennial wisdom. This is not new. Activating our heart, what do we love most? How can we generate the most love in our life? Treating love is value. It is a way of life. Freedom, creating freedom for ourselves and others. True freedom, freedom from the constraints of life.

Flow, where are we as leaders? Stumbling, bumbling, dropping up and down, hitting resistances, exasperated, putting out fires all the time. These are charges within ourselves that need to be looked at, addressed and integrated to bring flow back into her life. Wisdom, making sure we're surrounding ourselves with consciously activated peers. Those who are supporting their own in your sovereignty, our healthy, honest and clear reflections and co-coaches arising together. I believe when we have power, love, freedom, flow, wisdom and we attend to these plates in consciousness within ourselves and me, we make it a path to cultivate. What starts to happen is there's a quickening. There's a whole physical, mental, emotional and spiritual quickening when we attend to these foundational aspects of our being. Our gravitas grows in the world. As leaders, that's how we make the greatest impact and that can't be done from the surface.

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Any tactical disciplines that one can take on to grow one's gravitas?

Feel into a goal that you want as a leader what you want to manifest in the world that you wish to bring forth. If anyone would like to do this, you can do it with me. As a leader within you, what is something truly in your heart that you wish to bring forth and make happen? When you have something, declare into this space. When you declare that into the space, notice, that's an identity you have. You’re in an identity. What's the identity? For me, it's one who makes an impact. In that identity, there's a goal to that identity. What's the goal of this identity to make an impact?

To empower everyone to live the best life they can.

Mine is to see points of light awakening like a grid around the planet is a visual I got. Let's fulfill that goal. Whatever yours is at home reading this, fulfill that goal. Imagine the goal of this identity is absolutely realized in a team. If you can go into that and embody that 100%, 99% we’ll get it. When you're there given acknowledgment and rest and stabilize in the state of consciousness. You will find yourself in a new identity. What identity do you find yourself in? I've been the one who's fulfilled in mission.

Be an example of what's possible.

My friend at home, what identity are you in? What's the ultimate goal of this identity? For me, being the fulfilled one, the ultimate goal is to rest. Rest and know that everything is in order. What's yours?

For me is to be a positive catalyst to heaven on earth.

Whenever yours is, all of us, let's fulfill that altogether. Wherever we are in time, space and location, let's all fulfill this goal together. Whatever your individual goal of this identity is. They are stabilizing this goal being fulfilled, 98%, 99% won't cut it. You got to go there and generate it to 100%. How would you breathe? How would you live? How would you stay in that stage of beingness? What identity are you in? I'm just in myself, my essence.

It is the same here.

Expand this state of being in all directions. This is gravitas. This is the depth of being. You can allow yourself to let this exude in all directions. If you will visualize, see, feel however you go into this. Your highest seed as a leader is the gift you have to bring from this place. What's the action to take to move forward? One action and declare that. In honesty and know that what you say, if you could make your word law, then you'll have gonged the big cosmic gong that reverberates through existence. You make your word the law. What do you declare to do, to act from this place of leadership? I declare I continue this path of the Warrior Sage.

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I declare it to be this way with everyone I meet, especially with my podcast guests.

Our friends at home, what do you declare? Wherever we are in time and space, let's all celebrate each other. This is happening to people in the whole places. Join in the etheric and the place where we cheer each other on in our noble passions and missions.

I acknowledge you, Satyen, for your presence, for your wisdom, with the depth of who you are. For all the beautiful teachings from all different kinds of domains that you are able to share with us so generously to the people will read this. Thank you. To our audience, dive into Satyen’s words. His energy and the way that he communicates his mastery. He's a transformational artist in the best case, a master. Let's do this a few times. Let us know what impact it's made on you, your way of being, your discipline and in your mastery. Thank you.

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