Robert is a cloud technology leader, motivator, speaker, and innovator. Robert is a contributing writer for CIO magazine, is the Editor in Chief for The Doppler (the leader in cloud thought leadership) and the host of the popular Motive For Life Podcast.

We talked about:

  • How intermittent diet gave him more energy than ever
  • How he deals with his darker sides (with a daily dose of chocolate)
  • His journey to befriend with his lower self
  • How he overcame his victim mindset and victim status to empowered states
  • How his guys earned the right to enter his inner world
  • The 4,5,7 count breathing technique to calm his fight/flight response
  • The willingness to ask for help is the first step
  • His encounter with amazon’s ‘bar-raisers’
  • How he got an offer with a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple billion dollar exits
  • How he faced his upper limits( and faced with his little self sabotaging behaviors)
  • How self-worth leads to self-confidence (and how to increase self-worthiness)
  • 3 things he found to effectively let things go (including a pound-of-flesh visualization to have forgiveness and peace of mind)
  • The path to enroll others to discuss self-worth in your organzation
  • His 1st Burning Man experience (and the bike miracle he experienced)
  • And many more!

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