Due to social distancing and quarantine, we anticipate a rise in depression, PTSD, and other mental health issues. Healthy social connections and healthy mental wellbeing are directly proportional to each other.

Will Cady sits at the intersection between community and mental health. He is the current Head Of Brand Strategy at Reddit, one of the largest internet communities. He is also the creator of HEAL, a Heart-centric creative thinking complement to the Brain-centric logical thinking of STEM’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics focuses.


  • 1 simple and actionable tactic to easily get in touch with someone you thought about.
  • Blocking specific time for connecting with people
  • Different kinds of virtual events
  • 3 opportunities for business owners to lead their community: pandemic, resilience, and observation
  • The opportunity from a local brand to a global brand
  • How to find entry to other communities: value exchange (creation, curation, sharing)
  • The transition between creator and curator
  • How to maintain spiritual/mental hygiene with tarot cards
  • His HEAL framework as a contrast to the STEM framework
  • How to measure the subjective experience (phenomenology) (location, feel, color, shape, size, strength)
  • 7 chakras and 4 bodies(physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) as the map of emotions
  • 4Rs to energize a community (reward, recognize, release, rules)



Future-proof yourself by actively helping others during the resilient period.

As with anything you are providing a value exchange if you want to find an entry into a community, the first thing you should do is to bring value yourself. The invitation should always go both ways.

When you are creating new content in the beginning you are defining what your community means to yourself.

Spiritual and mental hygiene is putting something random in front of you and observe how your mind makes sense of it.

Quarantine can be a prison or a chrysalis.

It’s the rules that give communities definition (and they can be fun); they’d define the nature of your creation.

When it comes to HEAL, I try not to rationalize.

Whats an emotion you are experiencing now that you haven’t experienced before.

Given the data presented, is what I am doing healing or not?