Relieve Your Worries. Maintain Clarity and Purpose. Serve Your People.

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I’ve been seeing a lot of business owners leaders, entrepreneurs share their, their fears, their concerns, their worries about themselves, about their family, about their business, all over the social web.

And I must say, I really feel the pain and the worries and the anxiety because this is the time where all of us learn a really good lesson that we’re all in this together.

So I want to share some really powerful frameworks and practical tips to help those of you who are experiencing something similar, to stay clear-minded, to stay focused, to be the best self that you can be in service of those who are depending on you

because ultimately, When we are in fear mode, we don’t make the best decisions.

So these tips and advice, these tips and principles are both timeless, as well as timely. So we’re going to zoom in and out of timeless principles as well as timely tactics that you can take.

A general reminder is that when we are facing overwhelm, when we face something that we don’t have control over our egoic mind, our primitive brain will tell us to respond in one of three ways. That is, to fight, resist, or fight to run away, or to freeze to numb to be passive, to say and do nothing, fight flight or freeze.

And ultimately, if you think back on any of the times that you were, in the three modes, chances are you didn’t make the best decisions, right?

So, for all of us here, it’s really important to remember to be the calmest person in the room possible.

So that way you can be of the best service for yourself for those people who depend on you for those people in the same room as you are. So how do you do that? So those of you that already have some kind of spiritual practice, you know, to observe your thoughts, observe your feelings and emotions and observe your physical sensations

and know that what’s happening, your thoughts, your feelings, your sensations are not who you are. You are the awareness that’s watching right?

So, to maintain equanimity, to maintain centeredness, to maintain your sovereignty, and to be the observer of what’s happening internally.

So at the same time also observe the external as well as observe reality for what it is. Look at the facts. Look at the facts. Instead of being bought into the fantasies and stories and perceptions that your egoic mind whose job is to keep you alive, to keep you survive, to keep you safe,

rather than buying into the fantasies and stories that your egoic mind is telling you to just look at the facts for what they are.

Right and also differentiate The facts from other people’s stories and fantasies as well. So the real opportunity here for us, as leaders, entrepreneurs, as business owners is to use this event as the deepest work that we have to manage our own mind. The deepest work that we have to manage our own mind, right, such that we can move beyond fears beyond survival be and then and then to expand our dimensions of freedom to really experience freedom for what it is.

This is the true test, right? It’s easy to be free when you’re on vacation in Hawaii, sipping Mai Tai’s with your loved ones. That’s easy to do. But the real test is How can you still be free amidst this external chaos that’s happening right now? Right?

How can you be free mentally, physically, emotionally spiritually amidst all of this chaos, so this is the test this is now. Okay.

Also practically beyond the personal growth aspect of it when all of your competitors are retracting, retreating to conserve their cash flow, to let go of their workforce, to think about ways to shut down their business, this is the opportunity for you to be the market leader and lead your employees, lead your VIP clients, lead your prospective clients because all of them are looking for leadership. Right now.

At this moment, they are looking for your leadership to guide them and to serve them.

So this is the opportunity. So for the next few days, I want to share with you some of these timeless framework principles, as well as timely tips. Such that you can use this challenge is your biggest opportunity for yourself, as well as for your business in service of those who depend on you.