What I’ve Learned From Working With 8-Figure
Entrepreneurs And Executives

As a consultant for conscious startups and corporations, I’ve got an inside track on some of the fastest growing companies in the game right now.
And here’s what I can tell you.

8-figure entrepreneurs run their businesses AND their lives very differently.

(from 6- and 7-figure business owners)

They aren’t scrounging social media for growth hacks or hopping from program to program. Why?

When you hit a certain level, 99% of new information is noise.

And noise is the enemy.
The enemy of purpose.
The enemy of deep work.
The enemy of powerful habits.
The enemy of compounding growth.
The enemy of competitive advantages.
When you escape the noise, information overwhelms, and fear-mongering that happens at the bottom of the
ladder… …you unlock a new level of growth.

You become untouchable, unstoppable, and unfuckwithable.

The noise in your head gets quiet.
The path to your goals feels simple (because you’re no longer in your own way).
The weight on your shoulders evaporates.
For people who’ve rarely experienced complete mental clarity, it’s nearly impossible to understand what it’s like to feel this level of certainty and confidence—and to escape the endless mind chatter, nagging doubts, and mental sludge.

But this is truly how 8- and 9-figure entrepreneurs FEEL and ACT on a daily basis.

I know because I’ve coached them, consulted with them, and worked alongside them to build entire TEAMS of clear-minded, fast-acting high performers.
And the path to the top is shorter than you think it is… …IF you’re willing to get into an environment that gives you what you need to do what they do, believe what they believe, and think how they think.
Because it’s not about more information. It’s about access, environment, and belief normalization.
^^those are the three ingredients that I’ve leveraged to build dozens of high-powered startup teams and elite C-Suites.
So, here’s my question for you: If I offered to get you exclusive access to a group of changemakers and leaders to accelerate both personal and business growth. You will have access to myself, and the other master teachers in the group so we can dive deep into:
    1. Tapping into the power of plants for peak performance, mental clarity, and brain function
    2. Leveraging the collective brilliance of a group of conscious, driven, high-performing entrepreneurs and business owners
    3. Unlocking your dormant energy, untapped potential, and innate decisiveness
    4. Building out a clearer, faster, more intuitive path to your biggest 2019 goal
…would you say yes?

If you already know that your CLARITY is the greatest weapon and most valuable asset, this might feel like a natural fit.

But if you’re used to relying on more INFORMATION for growth, this might feel uncomfortable. Information feels safer, and more tangible. And if information is still serving you, lean into it. Continue to learn, research, and grow to your next level.
But if chasing knowledge is no longer getting you to your highest goals, it’s time to shift to a new growth mode and change your environment.
Starts January 1st, 2019
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