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CK Lin, Founder

CK helps high performers master themselves, advance their careers, and live meaningful lives. His clients range from Nobel Laureates to startup executives and high growth business organizations. Case in point, his latest client went from idea to $300M exit in less than 5 years. The combination of his scientific training, eastern philosophy, and multi-disciplinary solutions will accelerate and sustain your winning edge. He is the world’s foremost high-performance coach in bridging practical business solutions with transformational experiences. CK has his Ph.D. in engineering from UCLA.


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Speaking Topics
  • Scaling a High-Performance Culture in a Fast Growing Company
  • How to Accelerate Your Entrepreneurial Growth With Ayahuasca
  • How to Maintain Your Inner Calm Amidst Outside Chaos
  • How to Lead a Fast Growing Company (While Living a Fulfilling Life)
Interview Questions
  1. How do you help entrepreneurs unlock their deepest gifts and create game-changing organizations?
  2. What types of entrepreneurs should consider ayahuasca as a path?
  3. How do you advise entrepreneurs in cultivating their personal disciplines?
  4. In what ways can our listeners use meditative practices to increase their executive presence?
  5. How do you prevent chaos, self-sabotage, and burnout?

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