Noble Warrior with CK Lin

Inspiring and actionable

I’ve listened to a few of these podcasts and each one has the signature of CK’s probing questions. The host finds a way to filter and distill the most valuable information in detail and as a result I get deep insights that would be otherwise impossible. CK realizes that sometimes guests enjoy saying certain things in passing, but when he detects a deeper nug of wisdom underneath certain words and statements, he zeroes in and extracts the deeper meaning behind guests’ words.

My favorite so far is “Life in Tune.” This one focused on how music can be used to help us improve our lives. First of all, the guest’s musical skills were humbling. Second, there was a deep discussion about the space between. The fact that it is NOT about the notes being hit, but about how you feel in the space between. The idea of rhythm as a metaphor for time and life was great for my perspective. It made me somehow think more objectively about how slow my progress tempo can be. When I break it down to simple math/music I.e. 70bpm vs 15bpm, it’s clear that I’m under serving myself by operating at slow tempos, so it encourages me to think of my life as a series of rhythms and to consider how my rhythm impacts my mind and my results. It would be very contextual of course.

Thanks for the wisdom, CK.

Dec. 28, 2020 by agrover1986 on Apple Podcasts

Noble Warrior with CK Lin