Noble Warrior with CK Lin

Noble Warrior with CK Lin

NobleWarrior is where CK interviews leaders about their journey from the first mountain of achievement to the second mountain of higher purpose. We talk about locating their inner power, finding purpose, upgrading mindset, dissolving barriers, actualizing visions, and thriving in modern times.

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136 Rudy Randa: Amplifying Wisdom - One Indigenous Elder at a Time

July 2, 2022

My guest is Rudy Randa , the Co-Founder of Aniwa Co and The Boa Foundation that focus on supporting humanity and the planet through initiatives in indigenous communities worldwide. Aniwa is a movement that invites people of …

135 Mitch DeArmon: The Power of Men's Initiation

June 9, 2022

My guest is Mitch DeArmon. He is a leader of men and a forceful advocate for men. He currently facilitates the Man-to-Men event, an initiation event for men who are looking for the strength that comes with associating with o…

134 Drew Pierson: Researched-Backed Techniques That Train Your Brain to Be More Innovative

April 11, 2022

My next guest is Dr. Drew Pierson. He has spent years analyzing and working with enlightened minds, peak performers, and titans of leadership. He has spent tens of thousands of hours researching neurology medical journals an…

133 Jonathan Brill: How to Design Your Organization For a Predictably Disruptive World?

April 7, 2022

Jonathan Brill prepares leaders to profit from radical change . He speaks and advises on resilient growth strategy and innovation under uncertainty. He is the author of Rogue Waves, Future-Proof Your Business to Survive and …

132 Todd Rose: Harvard Researchers Revealed Breakthrough Research to Achieve Lasting Fulfillment

Feb. 3, 2022

Harvard researchers revealed breakthrough research about achieving lasting fulfillment. Imagine a world where you get to live your best, most authentic life—where you can follow your heart, listen to your gut, and do what yo…

131 Michael Breus: Power Your 2022 Goals With 5x5 Energy

Dec. 22, 2021

2022 is almost here. How do we have enough energy to start the new year with a bang? (and sustain the momentum throughout the year!) If you are a knowledge worker who doesn't have time to study the latest research and you ju…

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CK Lin, PhD

Course Creator | Purpose Coach | Podcaster

CK Lin provides noble guidance for achievers seeking to summit their second mountain of higher purpose. He was the purpose coach for the founder and chief culture officer of VideoAmp from 2015 to 2018, now valued at $1.6B. He has a PhD in bioengineering from UCLA and has served university researchers, startup founders, and other high achievers. At NobleWarrior, he combines his scientific training, startup experiences, and Eastern practices into the NobleWarrior method to empower others to clarify their soul purpose, upgrade their mindset, and actualize their vision in business and relationship.