Noble Warrior with CK Lin

Noble Warrior with CK Lin

The NobleWarrior podcast is a source of inspiration and guidance for those seeking to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. Host CK Lin interviews leaders and experts who have found their calling and shares their stories, insights, and strategies for discovering, expressing, and amplifying purpose. Each episode is an opportunity to learn from those who have succeeded in finding their path, and to discover new tools and techniques for making your own journey to purpose. Whether you're a midlife entrepreneur, leader, or simply seeking to climb your second mountain, the NobleWarrior podcast is an essential resource for anyone looking to create a life of purpose and impact.

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163 Pablos Holman: Lessons from Working with Tech Titans and Mad Scientists

March 11, 2023

My next guest is Pablos Holman, a world-renowned hacker, inventor, and technology futurist with a unique ability to distill complex technology into practical tools. His past projects include building spaceships at Blue Origi…

162 Tim Chang: From Crisis to Chrysalis: A Silicon Valley Investor's Insights on Finding Purpose and Fulfillment in Midlife

Feb. 15, 2023

My guest is Tim Chang. He has over two decades of broad early-stage technology investment experience in Silicon Valley at Mayfield Fund, Norwest Venture Partners, and Gabriel Venture Partners and has been named to the Forbes…

Guest: Tim Chang

161 Sky Cowans: The Art & Lifestyle of Creating Meaningful Content

Jan. 17, 2023

My guest is Sky Cowans. Sky is a video creator who delves into the world of wellness, spirituality, and alternative lifestyles on her YouTube channel, Sky Life. (138K subs) Her curiosity leads her on a journey of discovery a…

Guest: Sky Cowans

160 Pablo Gonzalez Vargas: Burning Man, Mayan Warrior, Healing and Transformational Platform

Jan. 11, 2023

My guest is Pablo Vargas, the founder of the Mayan Warrior, a multimedia art vehicle that has been featured at Burning Man since 2012, and Ilumina, an interactive light and sound installation that made its debut at the festi…

159 Maria Sanchez Yatriki: Burning Man, Sacbe, and Creating Positive Impact

Jan. 8, 2023

Maria Sanchez Yatriki is the co-producer of Sacbe, a Burning Man theme camp and network of international artists and change-makers. Maria is a community steward and experiential producer with a passion for using her skills a…

158 Jennifer Russell: The Transformative Power of Burning Man, Camp Mystic, and Leading Theme Camps

Jan. 6, 2023

This week, we have leadership strategist and transformational facilitator Jennifer Russell as our guest. Jennifer has co-led Camp Mystic for the past 12 years, a camp that brings together thought leaders, teachers, healers, …

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CK Lin, PhDProfile Photo

CK Lin, PhD

Purpose Coach | Podcaster

​​CK is a purpose coach and expert in midlife leadership and entrepreneurship. With a background as the Chief Culture Officer of a tech startup (now valued at $1.6 billion) and a PhD in engineering from UCLA, CK has a unique blend of scientific and business knowledge. He has spent his career helping university researchers, founders, and entrepreneurs clarify, express, and amplify their purpose through his NobleWarrior method. If you're a midlife leader or entrepreneur looking to discover your true purpose and make a lasting impact, CK is here to help you summit your second mountain.