Noble Warrior with CK Lin

Noble Warrior with CK Lin

Welcome to Noble Warrior, where CK interviews thought leaders on their journey to master their minds and live a life of joy, prosperity, and purpose. Each episode delivers valuable insights and practical tools to help you neutralize your inner critic, activate your higher self, let go of bad habits, and cultivate empowering disciplines. Our podcast has had the pleasure of hosting a diverse range of guests, including renowned individuals like Chris Voss, John Gray, Tim Chang, JeVon McCormick, Gopi Kallayil, Kilo Morgan, Cameron Sinclair, Drew Pierson, Michael Breus, Rob Angel, Ross McCray, and many more.

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169 Francoise Bourzat: Tapping into Natural Intelligence & Deep Wisdom With Sacred Mushrooms

June 8, 2023

Welcome to the podcast! Our special guest today is Francoise Bourzat, an esteemed expert in consciousness medicine. With a Master's degree in Somatic Psychology and years of experience, Francoise has apprenticed with shamans…

168 Iskukua Biraci Yawanawa: Spiritual Connection, Intuition, Dreams, and Ayahuasca

June 1, 2023

Introducing my next guest, Iskukua Biraci Yawanawa, the youngest chief of the New Hope Village, Aldeia Nova Esperança. Iskukua is not only a highly skilled singer and musician but also a renowned healer. Through his powerful…

167 Wesly Feuquay: How Rapid Rewire Method Can Transform Your Consciousness From Saboteur to Sage

May 22, 2023

Today, we're honored to host Wesly Feuquay, also known as "the guy people call when nothing else works." A Master Coach and a Trainer of Trainers, Wesly brings an unparalleled expertise in Spiritual Technology, Accelerated E…

166 Vladimir Stojakovic: Emotional Release at Light Speed With Spiritual Technologies

May 17, 2023

My next guest, Vladimir Stojakovic, is a truly exceptional guest A seasoned practitioner of Spiritual Technology, he's reached the pinnacle as a "Trainer of Trainers" under Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski. An author of three in…

165 Fred Joyal: Boldness Unleashed: Silencing the Inner Critics Holding You Back

May 8, 2023

My guest is Fred Joyal, a multi-talented author, speaker, entrepreneur, and business advisor. As the co-founder of the country's most successful dentist referral service, 1-800-DENTIST, Fred has an impressive background in m…

164 Jack Liang: How to Mobilize Thousands for the Stop Asian Hate Movement

April 27, 2023

My guest today is Jack Liang. He co-founded GoldenDAO with Andrew Yang and is one of the leaders in the Stop Asian Hate movement, one of the largest anti-racism movements in the country. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York…

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CK Lin, PhD

Executive Coach | Podcaster

​​CK is an executive coach and expert in midlife transitions and mental fitness. With a background as the Chief Culture Officer of a tech startup (now valued at $1.6 billion) and a PhD in engineering from UCLA, CK has a unique blend of scientific and business knowledge. He has spent his career helping university researchers, founders, and entrepreneurs clarify, express, and amplify their purpose through his NobleWarrior method. If you're a midlife leader looking to refine your true purpose and m