Noble Warrior with CK Lin

An expert communicator at work: take notes!

I appreciate the pace of CK’s videos. The natural flow that he brings to any conversation around any topic allows for me to zone out on sections of conversations to which I can’t, or don’t want to relate, but then I can comfortably jump back in with ease.

This is one of those podcasts you can keep on in the background and learn something new every time you tune in. I really like how CK recaps what he heard. While sometimes this method can add rigidity to the flow of conversation, it allows the user to catch up, and lets the guest have a change to refine their statements or correct his understanding of what they said.

I also like how he ends his conversations, almost like a prayer, but rather than giving thanks to a higher power, he is giving thanks for the time and energy put into the conversation by his guest. This is a great practice which we all should be implementing at the end of our conversations.

Looking forward to seeing future interviews.

Dec. 17, 2020 by Purecreighton on Apple Podcasts

Noble Warrior with CK Lin