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So many insights

CK’s deep curiosity drives fascinating conversations with guests from all walks of life. The right questions get the best insights, as you’ll repeatedly hear.

Excellent Insights!

CK has honed his practice. He has real presence in conversations with inspired entrepreneurs & thought leaders. *He is able to draw out the most practical useful parts of their transformational processes. I keep learning very valuable lessons, that are tangible and which I can try out or implement for my own journey & new businesses. Well worth your time to listen regularly!

Found the Formula to the Purpose of Life 🥳

So grateful I showed up to the dojo to drink in the wisdom of CK and Barry Goldstein. Through the synergy of their two brilliant minds and beautiful hearts, they delivered a sweet song of conversation of true “Healing and Transformation”. The beautiful harmony I heard inspired insights that helped me to unlock a formula to the PURPOSE OF LIFE!!! Thank you 1000x CK and Barry for being you and your manifestations. Please keep doing what you do… you never know who you will touch and how who you touch will transform the world into a more beautiful and loving one.

Mitzi is a Noble Warrior

I was blown away by CK’s interview with Mitzi. Her wisdom and passion for ending human trafficking was inspiring.

High Quality Guests and Content Without the Ego

Amazing podcast for people across all walks of life. The information is digestible for anyone and I always learn something. I find that C.K. is an excellent host because he looks to inspire the speakers to uncover their core values and what lies beneath their mission. It trumps the ego found in other podcasts and entertains while providing value. I have also discovered several people I wouldn’t have found unless I had stumbled across this podcast. One of my favorite guests so far was Allison Armstrong.

Knowledge Bombs

The show’s guests - and the host CK - have the most enlightening conversations. The guests are uniquely famous, so they grab your attention. Plus CK guides them to discuss things I am most curious about, which are inner motivations, demons that have been overcome, and getting deep-down real. Now that I’ve listened several times, I am so glad this podcast rises to the top of my list. I learn something new from every podcast - the sort of ‘knowledge bombs’ that are impactful and interesting.

I enjoyed it: thought provoking!

I enjoyed it: thought provoking!

Looking for inspiring stories to embrace who you are? Tune In!

CK's methodology to listening, helping guests feel comfortable, and asking questions is unmatched. He has a unique way to asking questions to dive deeper into the hero's journey in a way that the guest feels inspired and eager to share. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking to achieve success on their own terms and not forgetting their true essence. My favorite episode is the most recent one with Jevon, CEO of Scribe Media. I loved it because it inspired me to embrace my past and my own personal story so that I can also inspird others. Jevon's story is amazing and an inspiration to embrace your most authentic self as you become successful. Keep up the great work CK!


CK's interview with Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., a Clinical Psychologist and Sleep Specialist was terrific! Dr. Breus provided terrific explanation of how sleep work and what we can do to improve our sleep. This has inspired me to act on gaining better sleep -- the foundation for my well-being and productivity.

Really good podcast!

CK does a great job getting guests who consistently blow my mind. Today’s episode in SLEEP was so engaging that I had to step out of my networking event to join. If you are looking for a way to not just feed your mind, but also your soul, give Noble Warrior a try!!

If you want the fast path to Joy and enlivenment tune in

I’m delighted by CK Lin’s appealing and earnest quest for transformative practices. He has such an inquisitive mind! He asks in-depth questions to his guests that draw out their best intelligence and spirit. I’m learning so much from him and his guests. I’m using every spare moment to absorb his feel-good podcasts. If you want the fast path to joy and enlivenment you will too.

Phenomenal speakers intelligently interviewed

The key to getting the most information out of great leaders is to have a great interviewer. It is obvious that CK spends a great deal of time researching his guests so that we, as the listeners, can benefit the most from their wisdom.

Intellectually Curious

As a designer and entrepreneur I find CK and this podcast to be very intellectual and on the cutting edge of what’s currently happening in our world and what’s to come. So many nuggets of wisdom and key insights to help its listeners level up in all aspects of life. Wether that’s mentally, physically, intellectually and or spiritually. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

I love this podcast! SOOO much value

I love this podcast!!! CK interviews the most interesting guests and asks them the most thoughtful questions. If you’re a philosophical person who thinks deeply about life and you’re always looking to be at your best, this podcast is for you. I can’t tell you how many “life” and “business” hacks I have gained just from listening to this podcast. I am thirsty for more! Thank you, CK!!!!!!!! I am grateful for all the great content! Donnie

Inspiring and actionable

I’ve listened to a few of these podcasts and each one has the signature of CK’s probing questions. The host finds a way to filter and distill the most valuable information in detail and as a result I get deep insights that would be otherwise impossible. CK realizes that sometimes guests enjoy saying certain things in passing, but when he detects a deeper nug of wisdom underneath certain words and statements, he zeroes in and extracts the deeper meaning behind guests’ words. My favorite so far is “Life in Tune.” This one focused on how music can be used to help us improve our lives. First of all, the guest’s musical skills were humbling. Second, there was a deep discussion about the space between. The fact that it is NOT about the notes being hit, but about how you feel in the space between. The idea of rhythm as a metaphor for time and life was great for my perspective. It made me somehow think more objectively about how slow my progress tempo can be. When I break it down to simple math/music I.e. 70bpm vs 15bpm, it’s clear that I’m under serving myself by operating at slow tempos, so it encourages me to think of my life as a series of rhythms and to consider how my rhythm impacts my mind and my results. It would be very contextual of course. Thanks for the wisdom, CK.

An expert communicator at work: take notes!

I appreciate the pace of CK’s videos. The natural flow that he brings to any conversation around any topic allows for me to zone out on sections of conversations to which I can’t, or don’t want to relate, but then I can comfortably jump back in with ease. This is one of those podcasts you can keep on in the background and learn something new every time you tune in. I really like how CK recaps what he heard. While sometimes this method can add rigidity to the flow of conversation, it allows the user to catch up, and lets the guest have a change to refine their statements or correct his understanding of what they said. I also like how he ends his conversations, almost like a prayer, but rather than giving thanks to a higher power, he is giving thanks for the time and energy put into the conversation by his guest. This is a great practice which we all should be implementing at the end of our conversations. Looking forward to seeing future interviews.

CK Lin is a modern day warrior

I love CK Lin’s amazing conversations with people from all walks of life. I have already learned a lot and can’t wait for more!!!


CK and his guests have such rich, deep conversations. Every episode has immediate applications to my life. I'm forced to take notes so I can later reflect on some of the insights. It's hard to believe you can get this level of content at no charge. Thank you, CK! Keep up the great work.

Exceptional in every way!

I stumbled upon The Noble Warrior podcast and was immediately hooked! Not only does CK Lin and his guests share useful and actionable advice, they look at the world in a much more sophisticated and elevated way than most. This podcast provides lessons for life, business, and mankind.

The Warrior Sage Philosophy with Satyen Raja

I thoroughly enjoyed your conversation with Satyen. Very Enlightening! Thank you, C.K.


Deep, insightful, profound. Thank you for you work, CK Lin