Sept. 23, 2018

005 Peter Hughes: How to Identify Things That Don't Serve You

005 Peter Hughes: How to Identify Things That Don't Serve You

Peter founded Evolve Investing after observing that many people care about investing for their financial future, and yet find it challenging to do so in a way that aligns with their personal values. His mission is to create a regenerative, more just, and healthier world.

Peter’s background includes direct experience working in financial markets, in the investment banking division at Credit Suisse, and as a hedge fund analyst and portfolio manager at Napier Park Global Capital and Phoenix Investment Adviser. Peter also has experience in early-stage investing as both an angel investor and a Principal at Charge Ventures, a pre-seed venture capital fund.

Peter also has several years of experience as a performance and executive coach. He has earned certifications from The NLP Center of New York, Co-Active Training Institute, and Coaches Rising. While in this role, Peter helped his clients break through limiting beliefs, restore balance, and achieve meaningful goals and desired outcomes.

When he’s not working, Peter loves spending time with his family and communities; snowboarding, surfing, and mountain biking; and exploring mindfulness practices.

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