Nov. 18, 2019

045 Genevieve Genevieve: How to Be a Superior Lover?

045 Genevieve Genevieve: How to Be a Superior Lover?

Pleasure and s3x is a fundamental part of being human but how do you cultivate the right skills in this area? Top sexologist, Genevieve, shared her roadmap to be a superior lover. We talked about female organisms, altered states of consciousness,...

Pleasure and sex is a fundamental part of being human but how do you cultivate the right skills in this area?

Top sexologist, Genevieve, shared her roadmap to be a superior lover. We talked about female orgasms, altered states of consciousness, erotic blueprint, and why it is relevant to purpose and flow.

We talked about:

  • The multitude of pleasure is possible for both men and women
  • Her daily practice to open up the body
  • How to move through psychosomatic pain with pleasure
  • The purpose of sex and what makes one a superior lover
  • How to commune with your higher self through self-pleasure
  • How do we get rid of the concept that we need someone/something outside ourselves to be our biggest selves?
  • How to cultivate conscious masculine and feminine within yourself for more prosperity
  • Sign of your kundalini awakening
  • And many more


“There is no part of my body that anyone can take from me”

“A lot of people who have been traumatized don’t recognize the power they have within their body. They can be in the face of trauma, through pleasure, change their story in their nervous system.”

“The purpose of sex is to help your partner getting back to themselves”

“Pain and pleasure are synonymous. You don’t move away from it, you sit in it and make love to it”

“There is nothing that is too painful for me that I can’t find pleasure in it. Fear is gone. This makes me superhuman in a way. I don’t have to run from the pain anymore”

“Suffering is when you are running from the pain. When you are scared of the pain.”

“I commune with my higher self in the self-pleasuring process”

“My purpose is already happening in spite of me. The mission comes to you when you are no longer blocked. My only job is to get out of my conditioning whenever it appears. Feel with your body first. Think last.”

“Cultivate the conscious masculine and feminine in you so they can dance with each other and be in balance”



Genevieve is your go-to expert on the Erotic. She is a Sexual Expansion Speaker and Guide who has been influencing the Erotic Arts for the past 15 years. She plays full out in all areas of Spirit. She is a Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach (as seen on The View, The Talk, Oprah Magazine, People Magazine, and more) under Jaiya (sexologist for Tony Robbins, Julianne Hough, and other major leaders), Former Professional Dominatrix and Soon-to-be Certified Accelerated Evolution Coach under Satyen Raja (trainer for T Harv Eker, Colin Sprake, and Gabor Maté, to name a few). Genevieve is also certified in Somatic-Based Chakra Therapy by Anodea Judith, author of Eastern Body, Western Mind and Wheels of Life and has a background in psychotherapy, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Marymount Manhattan College in NYC. Through her one-on-one coaching and New York-based workshops, Genevieve guides you in freeing your sexual shame and conditioning so that you can show up FULLY in love and rediscover your liberated self.  From there, everything is possible.


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Noble warrior, what you're about to listen to is a fascinating conversation between me and Genevieve. She's a top sexologist, so we cover a wide range of topics. We talked about female orgasm, we talked about masculine feminine, we talked about using pleasure to get us to a higher level of consciousness. She also recap very explicitly, her own journey of being a rape victim to where she is today, helping others to claim their sovereignty in this domain. So if you're someone who is sensitive to hearing these things, in explicit details, well skip this episode together. So if you're someone who wants to master this fundamental aspect of being a human being, if you're someone who wants to think about how this actually relates to you, being a better leader, you being a better entrepreneur, listen on. This is an episode you don't want to miss.

So the mission was given to me and not awakening experience and the mission is remind people of who they are right in their erotic essence. It's it's, they already have it and they've forgotten. And so it's it's simply a rediscovery of self the reclaiming of erotic energy. Because I believe, really strongly that if we, if thousands of people reclaim their essence, maybe millions of people right Fingers crossed, we can actually eliminate unconscious sexuality on the planet. Right? We can our future generations will not have to suffer the way that our generation has suffered with unconscious sexuality and the amount of suffering, right that's there because of it is unnecessary. It's completely unnecessary. So it's, it's thinking about the legacy of can we what what would it be like for our children and our children's children to not have to go through sexual violence and abuse? How much beauty and expression and fulfillment and live and the live in And love can they experience without that? So that's why the mission feels so important to me as I honestly think we can eradicate sexual violation on the planet through the awakening of your own sexual energy.

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CK LIN 2:35
I'm so excited to have my friend Genevieve on JMV blew my mind a while ago and we're in a conference she said are telling me about sexual orgasms. And obviously I'm a man I'm curious to know, her point of view as especially as a sexologist as an expert. So thank you so much for being on the show, Genevieve

Absolutely, thank you so much for having me. I'm really excited to dive in with you.

CK LIN 3:06
So rather than ramping up, let's just jump right in. Yeah. Great, perfect. Cool. So you blew my mind with the whole idea of calitoral climax versus like, you know if you can go repeat that conversation, so that way we could. I think my listeners, especially those who, who are listening who are curious about female orgasms could be actually benefit from your knowledge.

Beautiful. Yeah. Well, one of the things that I find myself speaking the most on is is educating people around the, like the multitude of pleasure that you can have in your body. Like there's dozens and dozens of orgasms and climaxes that are available to everyone no matter the gender. For for the female gender, vulva bodied people. We've got, you know, there's So many spots internally that often aren't even activated. And they can allow women to reach such high peaks of pleasure that they can actually go into altered states of consciousness and the clitoral orgasm is only going to give you a smaller release. And then there's deeper orgasms like the a spot or the x spot or the G spot or the cervical orgasm that can actually make the body go into a state of like altered consciousness similar to a plant medicine journey. It's pretty amazing.

CK LIN 4:32
So you just said a few phrases I've never heard of before the x spot and the was the second one a spot a spot and never heard those before in this cervical orgasm. I've never heard these before. Gspot and clitoral? Yes, for sure. But go into it a little bit more. That would be like competence at first you don't like what?

Yeah, so inside of like totally inside of the vaginal canal right the reason that most people don't know that they exist is because the vaginal canal, most women harden the canal, right? So it's pretty tight. And and that makes it hard for the nerve endings to respond to pleasure. So one of the first things that I encourage people to do when they start a sexual journey is to learn to relax the walls of the vagina, or if you're with a vulva body to vaginal bodied person to start to almost during penetration with hands or whatever, allow them to just be in hold and breathe. And you'll notice the walls will start to relax of like the outside, right, and then when that happens, you're going to be able to hit different nerve endings. So there's areas kind of beyond the G spot and so there's the G spot and then if you go deeper and maybe like an inch or two, you're going to hit the a spot, you can hit the X spot is kind of behind the the, the anal cavity right. So this All these like, and some I've worked with some women that have spots I didn't even know existed, right? Because it's it's simply a way that the nervous system you know, the nervous system kind of moves down the spine, the a lot of the nerves, the base of that holds for women in the vaginal canal. So you've got all these bundles of nerves down there that a lot of people haven't even activated yet. Which is pretty, pretty fun. So, yeah, for men too

CK LIN 6:30
Interesting. Yeah. Yeah. So I guess this is this is really I mean tree and, and and i think that this is an unusual topic for the podcast. being on the show and about it. The Root Chakra to me is equivalent to the sexual war again, and to me, it's one of those things that that it's the primal instinct that we have right right to procreate and to get pleasure out of this very important aspect of it. But in our culture, I came from a Chinese culture I came right in and then I came to the US. So I actually have both the east and the west. And but even in both cultures, we don't actually quite publicly talk about this aspect, this very important aspect of our life. So if you don't mind telling us a little bit about, I guess the challenge of being a, I don't even know how to call you a an expert in pleasure and sex is that would that be a proper way to address you? That totally works? Yeah, absolutely. So what's the challenge of actually being an expert in this area? And what's the what's the pros and cons? I guess?

Yeah. Thank you. That's a beautiful question and one that I don't think I've ever been asked. So that feels really nice to be able to speak on it. You know, stepping into this mission was very scary for me. Because sexuality is the elephant in the room that no one talks about, right? People get turned on all day long and no one talks about it and to be the person that's saying, hey, I want to address the thing that we've shut down for centuries. I get you know, I get hate mail, I get a lot of people telling me that I, you know, all sorts of things. I've had your boundary lists, I've had

CK LIN 8:25
what's that

you're like, no boundaries. They've told me I had no boundaries because I'm talking about. I've had people tell me, I'm a flood that I'm a bad mother, right? I've had people in my family, tell me, you know, shame on me and say, you know, this isn't okay. So there's a deep burial of this of this part of our, our nervous system, and it's societal. And it honestly, it's painful. But it drives me more than anything, because when I see I see people telling me these things and asking me you know oh you should take down that posts that you just made or, or why are you always naked? 'll get people saying things

CK LIN 9:12
you are on brand when you are naked

Yeah. Well, it's because freedom right my my job is to show people that we don't have to live constricted anymore. We don't have to live afraid anymore have the power within us this creative life force that sexuality is it's more than just the root chakra. It's it literally runs through the entire body and it's what makes us alive. it reverses the aging, right? It can create wealth and abundance it can change the neurotransmitters in the brain like it's an extremely powerful mechanism. And we have it within us and and to get out there and tell everyone that right that means that they can't go and buy their antidepressant anymore, right? That means that their way of living is going to be completely shut down and changed. And so I'm going to I get that people are going to give me some backlash. And I'm okay with that. Because it It feels super important to help people wake up to the power that's within them.

CK LIN 10:20
Yeah, I think part of it is that they're projecting their own their own internal resistance around sexuality around pleasure on you. I mean, I obviously I'm not an expert, but I, you know, a huge percentage of women and men, actually mostly women, having achieve female orgasm. I don't have a specific stats there. But the fact that you're able to actually help them even get to that baseline is a huge step up.

Yeah, and can I tell a little story around this, we got to happen. So in April of this year, I was doing an event and one of the audience members in the event, the event was meant to be a sensual experience, not a sexual experience. Right? And I was on staff for it. They brought me in to be on staff and to kind of disrupt the audience because that's kind of what I do. You've met me, right? I like to go in there and like shake things up. So I went in, and I did what I do, which was really just me being in my erotic energy. And this woman got so triggered that she got up on stage, got on the microphone and yelled at me and started crying and raging. And I at first felt all the constriction of like, Oh, no, I'm bad. I'm wrong. This isn't Okay. And then I started to feel this deep compassion for how this is such a scary place for her that I'm awakening, just by my being this, like, I didn't even do anything. Right. I didn't say a word, just by being to be that triggered. And then we had this conversation afterwards, the woman and I, and found love and compassion for each other. And then, fast forward a few months, she comes to one of my events and she said: "that night put me on a path of massive sexual awakening, I didn't realize how much resistance I had to my own sexual freedom." And she's like, I met, she did my entire workshop, we were getting really sexy, and she did the whole thing and she was still alive and liberated. And that's it. Right? Like sometimes with sex, actually, always with sex. We kind of need to trigger people first. We have to get to the we have to get to the place where they hate you or where they're mad or where they're sad. That's what awakens that Kundalini, that sexual energy in the body. First, we allow that to be there and then they can start to find their freedom.

CK LIN 12:50
So thanks for sharing that story. Yeah, yeah, I talked about earlier. Some of the possibilities of this work. You said that aliveness you said that gateway this pleasure it leads to a lightness it leads to wealth and leads to some other things that you have mentioned. If you don't mind going into those stories a little bit, maybe there's a few stories that you can share with us, even your other people. what's possible, like why should people care about not just the pleasure part? Although very important, I'm sure a lot of people love it. Yeah. Or all people love it. But in addition to that, what else is available? going on as the pathway to one's own radiance, one's own life.

Yeah, I always love my clients at the end, they'll always say, Oh, I get it. Genevieve, it's not even about sex. It's not it's so much bigger than that. And, you know, you come to me for sex and pleasure and you leave with a completely different life. So it's, it's huge. It changes everything. And I think the best way to demonstrate that is through a little bit of my own story. And I can give snippets. Or you can always ask more if you want, but I was the opposite of how you see me now. So very shy, very afraid. I had no money I come from very little money. My family, you know, just kind of scraping by as a kid. I also come from pretty severe trauma, sexual abuse from like three years old, all the way through. So it got to a point where I couldn't even be in the same room with a man because the smell of a man would send me into trauma response. Oh, yeah, it was an extreme. So I didn't leave my house. I had a chronic illness, where I was in, basically fevers every day. And I actually started the journey, the awakening journey, like it's kind of there was you know, you know, you keep going. There's always like layers, but one of the moments that had me work with masculinity and with men was when I realized that I was pregnant With a boy and I had this moment I remember going to Central Park and crying and thinking how am I going to love a boy? Right men were the enemy for me, and I was so scared. I thought about a aborting I was really terrified. And I remember saying you know what, this is your opportunity Genevieve to change this like to figure out how can you How can your nervous system start to relax around the masculine? How can you do that? So while I was pregnant, I started to go on this big somatic sexual journey and started to work with my nervous system, which I can get into detail about later, but it was like a, it was kind of like meeting my body for the first time all over again, and learning very specific tools and techniques to deprogram my nervous system from trauma and fear to open this

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CK LIN 16:26
Can you share with us what some of those techniques are?

Yeah, so I had to dive into the erotic blueprint tech techniques, right. So the erotic blueprints are created by Jaya who you know, the colleague of mine, and they basically she's brilliant. She's been working on bodies for over 30 years. And what she realized was that there's like five different types of nervous systems basically, and I wouldn't say types it but like nervous systems are conditioned in five different ways. And they're held in five different ways. And so to open them, there's five different distinct ways of opening them, right?

So there's the energetic, erotic blueprint, which is going to be a nervous system imprinting that is most open through stillness, and breath, anticipation and tease. And that nervous system will actually close more if it starts to get overwhelmed by too much sexual energy.

And then there's the central nervous system and I'm going through these briefly we can go into detail more later but the central nervous system or central erotic blueprint is going to open the most through like firm touch, slow, firm touch massage, they like to take their time and they need all five senses to be really yummy. So candles and smells and sound right and all that they need that to be feel really yummy and cozy for them and their nervous system will constrict more if they feel rushed, or if they feel like they have a lot to do, right, because their brain is going to start thinking about all the things so they can't fully relax.

And then there's the kinky erotic blueprint, kinky erotic blueprints get turned on by intensity. So they need a certain level of intense direct energy at them or for coming out of them, in order for their body to relax, may also get turned on by taboo and naughtiness. Right, that actually opens them more when they can go into the taboo realms of sexuality and bring darkness into the light and their shadow or what closes them more is when they start to feel ashamed, either and on their own or by their partner that their sexuality is not okay, that their desires are not okay. Right.

And then there's the sexual erotic blueprint. The sexual erotic blueprint is going to open with climax. So for a sexual erotic blueprint to try to open them before penetration is kind of tricky, right? So for sexual, we actually want to give them penetration or oral sex or genital touching, and then you'll watch their body open. It's very cool. It's very different than what Tantra teaches, for example, right? It's a different type of style of opening the body and sexual their nervous system is going to constrict if they feel like they're not going to get the orgasm, so if they don't know that this is leading to sex, you'll see them shut down like they need to know that they're going to get a climax at the end of it. They need that certainty. Right.

And then there's a shape shifter which is the the most evolved of all of the erotic blueprints I would say it's the most full and the shapeshifter is nervous system is tricky because it fully opens the most when it has all four of the other erotic blueprints done to it at the same time. Now that's hard to do so often with shapeshifter because like you don't partners don't usually have like 15 hands right good, but that's what a shapeshifter wants to do instead is a shape shifter will often morph into different blueprints, right? And that can sometimes constrict them because they'll start to feel like they want more and more and more and more and more. a shapeshifter has a hard time feeling satisfied. It's hard to get a shapeshifter fully, fully open and satisfied, right.

So I realized at the time when I was pregnant, that my nervous system was a bit kinky erotic blueprint type, which is something I'd never known because in American society, they teach you that women want candles and massages and baths to open and that did not work for me at all. Like I would sit there like more stressed out and I was like what is wrong like if I not feminine? Am I not a woman like what's going on? And then I found the erotic blueprints and I realized, oh I need I need intensity for whatever reason. I need intensity and I started to release the shame around that.

CK LIN 21:04
Now is it at that time like this archetype changes throughout your life or like during pregnancy than afterwards is different.

So the erotic blueprints will shift I've noticed with my clients there, they're going to shift with hormonal changes. So as soon as I gave birth, I became energetic. I think because my hormones went different or they're going to shift once you fully feed one of the other erotic blueprints So now that I've fed my energetic, my sensual and my kinky really well, right? Yeah, energetic, sensual and kinky, I find myself craving the sexual different, more.

Because your nervous system naturally wants to grow and expand, right, we naturally want to increase pleasure. And so once it's fed, you'll see yourself all of a sudden desiring things that you didn't know before, which is why you want to know you want to know all of the erotic blueprints really well. And if the same thing will happen to partners, and this is where couples get really confused, they're like, I've been with you for 20 years. Why do you want kinky all of a sudden? or Why do you want to go to a Tantra class? Like we've been doing it this way for 20 years? And it's because

CK LIN 22:16
is there something wrong with you?

Yeah, so it's a misconception and sexual mastery is being able to master all the blueprints, so that no matter what you're presented with in your own body, right, like if you go through a trauma or hormonal change, or big life shift, or in the body of your partner, you'll you'll know how to open it. Sexual mastery is opening mastery. Can you open your system can you open your partner system? And if you can learn how to do that, like you gear that's it your sex master.

Did I told my story? No, I said I didn't finish so kinky right got into kinky started to open my body open my nervous system and in that I started to heal my trauma. So I started to have experiences of deep love and compassion and forgiveness for the men that it hurt me. It was beautiful like I have so many memories of sitting there in front of men crying and and loving and feeling for the first time that the beauty inside of a man's heart and even inside of their sexuality, right I forgave fully my rapists fully in my body like I would meet them, I would hang out with them today. Like it's it's there's a complete and I don't have any charge. And that was through this nervous system work feeling fully fed and recognizing that there's no part of my body that anyone can take from me. Right? So releasing that victim mentality, and recognizing that I can be empowered in that right. Once that started to happen. My business quadrupled. So we have quadrupled in income.

CK LIN 24:04
Before you go there actually because there's a big jump, I want to address something. Overcoming trauma through sexuality openness, this is a new concept. If you don't mind going into the journey a little bit deeper, that would be amazing because I would say, for people who are traumatized by rape is a subject right with a lot of significance around it. What the primal responses let's move away from it versus moving into it. So moving into it. So if you don't mind sharing with us a little bit more on that journey, and that would be really helpful for those who maybe have had sexual trauma in the past.

Yeah, well, they say now you know, the, that one in three women have experienced sexual abuse in violation and that's the ones that report. And so even if they haven't, even if you're listening and you haven't experienced sexual trauma, you're feeling the collective consciousness of everyone else, right? So you can feel the trauma of the world around unconscious sexuality. So this is kind of for everyone. I thought that I would always be broken and damaged sexually. I thought that sex was always going to be a thing that I would need to drink a lot in order to have sex or, or do some kind of drug or I would just my previous marriage, I just shut down my sexuality. We just never had sex because that was how I managed it. I was I was terrified.

And I thought that that's just what I was going to have to live in, honestly. So then, what starts to happen once you learn your erotic blueprint is you can start to learn how to feed it. And what I mean by that is like what are the daily practices on your body that you can start to do to open yourself. And as the opening happens, what happened to me and what happens to my clients is as that opening begins to happen, they start to shed trauma. So tears will just fall through, anger will come through. You'll you can literally watch the bodies start to expand and open. It's pretty amazing.

So that and that process happens kind of on its own. There isn't. I think the reason that it works so well for trauma to be on the body is because when you when you've had trauma, you go out of your body, you dissociate it's a very safe place to be. And a lot of people that have had trauma at least this is what I did. I went to talk therapy forever, but I wasn't in my body. sitting there talking about my trauma

CK LIN 26:54
you were talking about it rather than experiencing it

Yes, exactly. And So what we do and this is kind of what I do with with everything on the body any pain, so it could be a physical pain and energetic pain and emotional pain is we find the place in you that's resourced. So I'm working with a client right now that had same thing sex abuse from the age of two on and she has major physical pain, right, her body is like fully adapted the trauma, so she can barely get up out of bed. And so we find the one part and her that feels pleasurable. It's like sometimes it's like a toe, like, like, like, like the top of her head like it's we have to find something. And then we start to relax it even more to let it expand. So we find out she's an energetic, so we'll do light touching or breath work to start to expand that part of herself. And then what we do is we bring in the trauma, right, or we bring in the pain and we merge the pleasure with the trauma right now.

That merging will allow us to get out of the past story. It's kind of like you know, it's like the a process of bringing it into the present moment. And giving it pleasure, which is way more powerful than just any talk stuff that you can do. Right.

And then when that happens, I think a lot of people that have been traumatized don't recognize the power that they have within their body, that they can literally be in the face of their trauma and, and through pleasure, changes the story in their nervous system, they can actually completely rewrite it into a loving, compassionate, beautiful story of deep sensation and emotion. Right and and beer can start to dissolve. So that's what I start to see is that daily, and it's really important that it's a daily practice with the body. That's really important.

CK LIN 28:57
Interesting. say more about that actually.

because the nervous system resets every day. Right? So every every morning when you wake up, you're kind of back to square one over time, so if I spend a week without being with my body, my nervous system will go back to how I felt five years ago. Right? I need to be with her every day and learn her and open her. And she's going to be a little different every day. So it's almost like it's like you're driving a car you check you check the car before you drive it is everything, okay? If it sits in the garage for three months, right? And you try to drive it, it's gonna be it's gonna have trouble starting up, right? So similar to a meditation practice for the mind and for the spirit. This is a daily practice for the body that, you know most of us just work out. Right? But how often do we listen to our body? And go Okay, where are you constricted today? What are you afraid of today? What past stories are you bringing into the present? And how can I use my tools? My erotic blueprint tools to open you deeper. Right? That's the that's the magic and the practice of it. And it's amazing to watch like, once people, once that Kundalini once that sexual energy starts to awaken, that's usually like at the base of the tailbone ways that you know your Kundalini is awakening. Just so you know, in case you're watching, or listening and going, I might be having Kundalini is if you start to see things if you start to get headaches, if you start to have ringing in the ears, if you have unexplained pain in the body, that doesn't make any sense. I see a lot of sciatica pain with people that were their Kundalini is starting to to wake up.

CK LIN 30:41
So It is actually a good thing. Mm hmm. Oh, interesting. Okay, yeah, there's another. reframe. Okay. Yes. Tell us more and why is it a good thing.

So it means that you've got energy that's the that's dense at the lower spine. If you have a ball right, your energy is like constricted down there. Which is just your Kundalini, the sexual energy starts at the lower spine and then moves upward like a snake, right? You see it in a snake, often old, old tantric texts. And so when that when you have the Kundalini down there, it's gonna feel like pain once you start to move it, it it'll the pain will disappear. It happens constantly my clients get this all day long where it just poof it's gone, right because we've moved it and we've moved that energy up it's not concentrated anymore. It can now flow freely through the body and the energy is so powerful that it'll start to dissolve trauma and dissolve pain on its own. It's very cool like you don't have to do much you just kind of let it do its thing. It feels like there's like a plant medicine inside of the body.

CK LIN 31:48
Actually, yeah, yeah thing that just like shakes your body You Can you feel the tingling the vibration. breath work is similar You feel the vibrations.

And, and with the partner, it's the same thing, right? The purpose of sex with a partner is to get them back to themselves. That's, that's the gift that you're giving them to their essence of being. And so when you're with a partner, it's about, can I see where their energy is constricted? And shake it up a little? Right? Can I shake it up a little so that they can get back to their open self? Right? just so beautiful.

CK LIN 32:26
So yeah, so interesting reframe as well. So conventionally, when you think about sex, it's about reaching a destination. Coming climax release. That's it. But this is a reframe of get them to be more open inside their body in service for them,

and and why does that matter so much? Because if you think about what sustains our relationship, right? It's it's love like actually Love, like unconditional love? And how can we create unconditional love and feel it and the other person and ourselves will by opening all the places where they're hidden or constricted away from love, right? That's going to be in their nervous system. So you're actually doing yourself a service by opening your partner. sexually right. If you're able to then feel their heart again.

CK LIN 33:24
Beautiful. So you had talked about daily practice? Yeah. Can you compromise that for us? What are some of the ways one could practice as way to open themselves up sexually? pleasurably so forth?

Yeah. So I have a self pleasure challenge where I go into detail on this. It's free, so anyone who's listening can get on it at some point. But it's basically once you know, your erotic blueprint. You want to start to feed your body in that way, every day until you feel full, totally full and open, right? And then keep going. Because then you'll notice other desires. So I say at least 20 to 30 minutes a day that you're with your body with yourself. It's going to depend on your blueprint.

So if you're an energetic, it may not be genital touching. I'm pretty strong in my energetic now. And so I don't touch my genitals every day, but I will breathe into my body every day and check with my erotic energy and figure out where it is and what it's feeling. yoga meditation, really light touch, breath work. That's the energetic daily practice time alone and nature's really big for energetics. The essential practice is going to be movement, music, massage, lotions, baths, right things like that. Preparing your food really slowly. And really eating it really collectively and like, right, it's that kind of, when I'm in my central I just roll around on my floor, I turn on music, and I just spend like an hour rolling around on my floor and moaning like that's the sensual and then you feel so good.

And the kinky daily practice is going to involve a lot of a lot of fantasy play. So it's a lot of allowing yourself to go into your dark sexual energy. So reading kinky erotica or playing with constriction on your body in a physical way I really like so like, pushing up against things. Funny enough, I have a lot of kinky clients that love rock climbing, because they're in a harness and they have to climb. There's a challenge they're pushing against stuff, right that that feeling of like challenge is big for the kink blueprint It could be certain workouts It could also be deep kind of surrender feeling. So letting yourself go there. So for a lot of my kinky people like aerial yoga, flipping upside down, deep surrender into that because they're swimming, right you're upside down. Or it could be things on the body like scratching your own body, smacking your own body gently, right all this gently Be careful. That can be a part of it as well.

And the sexual daily practice is literally going to be an orgasm a day, a climax a day keeps the doctor away. Really important like a lot of sexual will do, especially ones getting into Tantra will start to restrain their their orgasm and for a sexual that's their lifeblood. Like, make sure you're having that and you're touching your genitals often like really important

And then for the shape shifter blueprint, it's all about doing all of it at once and changing it up every day. So you don't want to do the same thing every day. You want to make sure it's always different and it's always maneuvering and you're having like, you're changing it up, and you're having lots of time. So, I'm a shapeshifter now and I spend like two to three hours a day and self pleasure.

CK LIN 37:23
Just that just blew my mind again. So two to three hours to a, someone who was all about achieving that efficiency. To me, that's a lot of time. So tell us why. Why that much time. Is that necessary?

Well, I mean, this is my entire life, right? So it's, it's to go and work with my clients and not be fully embodied and fed and my sexual energy, I would be a fraud, right? So it's my job to be my energy, that much a shape shifter needs that much as shape shifter really like to go and have new sexual experiences to come to be really adventurous with your sexuality that's very important and allows for vitality in the body. When I don't give myself that much time, my energy is not as alive. And and I'm not as embodied and people can tell. So there's a magnetism that happens, right? Or I don't my business just kind of flows, the more that I take time with my own sexual energy.

CK LIN 38:37
So before we go into the business part, thank you so much for sharing that by the way. How would one know? Alright, so here's my daily practice, whatever the erotic blueprint they may be, how does one know I had enough? Or is it just like minimally effective dose as Tim Ferriss would say, right 20 minutes of tm sufficient 20 minutes of OM is sufficient and orgasmic meditate. What would you advise them to in terms of their own internal awareness of minimally effective dose right, going?

Yeah, well, I would say look at your base. Look at the baseline of whether or not the shadow of your blueprint is non reactive. So the shadows are energetic, energetic shadow is overwhelmed. And dissociation. So if you're an energetic Are you in overwhelm or are you dissociated? If you are you haven't done enough? Right like, here's there's not enough if you're not in deep here feel really grounded and in your body and present, then you're good, right? You're good. Now, I always say raise your pleasure ceiling. See what else is possible.Yeah, keep going because doing so much and it leads to massive spiritual awakening and growth I actually get a lot of spiritual downloads in myself pleasure practice, like business downloads and names of courses, who I'm supposed to reach out to, like ideas drop in. And so I I'll just stay there and get all that I have a journal next to me and I'll journal during it, right? I'm having sex with my partner, I'll often stop us and write something down a good download and I'm like, wait, it's so good. But that's what happens when you date a sexologist.

But the sensual shadow is being in the mind like anxiety of the mind. So if you're in that you haven't done enough massage or movement, practice, like there's more of that to be done. Or maybe your house is messy. You got to clean your house, right? Like, things like that.

The kinky shadow is shame. So if you're feeling shame, do more kinky stuff. Like Get yourself more into that world. Get yourself out there more, go into online forums talk about your fantasy is like, talk about it with your partner like yourself planet.

The sexual shadow is when you find yourself or at least your nervous system won't won't have had enough if you find yourself very to the point in your day to day stuff. So if you're having if you're find yourself very direct and to the point and kind of like, over anxious about wanting to get things done, you're not having enough sex or you're not giving yourself enough orgasm. So if you're finding yourself like okay, when when are we going to be done with this? Like, you know, that rushing feeling, right? That's the sexual shadow. And so you need to release more, but they're really spelled out

and then the shapeshifter shadow is feeling like you're too much. So having like feelings of Just these like kind of self esteem issues, that's kind of how you know when you're like, I don't know, I'm too much for people, you're kind of hide your kind of collapse into yourself, you'll kind of forget who you are, then you want to go out and make sure to explore more of your shapeshifter tendencies.

So I would baseline and on that, like if one of those shadows comes up for me, I know I gotta stop what I'm doing and go into self pleasure. And sometimes I'll just do it for five minutes like before interviews, I do five minutes before clients just to get myself in my energy right?

CK LIN 42:33
Tony Robin said it's like a way to get yourself back to a state of power and freedom

Exactly And what's really fun just to take it a step further is I can change because I know all the blueprint so well depending on what I'm doing also pleasure in a different blueprint for what I'm going to go do. So if I'm working on a sales call For example, I'm going to do kinky before, so that I show up really dominant really confident really sure myself, right? I'm not going to do energetic are essential because I would just be like, whatever I don't need your credit card, right? I go to that space. If I'm going on a date, I'm going to do more energetic sensual, just to relax and rest more so you can utilize the blueprints for how you want to show up. And the thing that you're about to do, just really fun, huh?

CK LIN 43:28
Thanks for that. Yeah. Viktor Frankl famously said, between stimulus and responses is space and space lies our freedom and growth. I think what we've been talking about is, what are the different ways in that space that we can choose? Yes, sir. Sexual sensual, etc. And then as a way to cultivate that self mastery in our own internal compass.

Yeah, yeah, that's absolutely right. It becomes freedom is the choice right with a lot of people sex is not you don't have choice and sexuality with a lot of people least for me before I awaken my sexuality. Sex was always painful, always scary, and I didn't feel I had a choice to change it. Right? For some people sex is always boring or always just good enough, right? And they don't realize you actually have the choice to constantly change your energy. You can just switch it. If your relationship is dull you can switch it. It's it's that that internal power that so many people are blind to, which is why the work feels really important all the time.

CK LIN 44:43
so actually, I'm a curious question I'm raised Chinese as I mentioned earlier, in the in the Taoist, belief system is a suppress, withhold abstain from sexual energy otherwise it becomes leaky. Right. So and then what you're sharing. On the surface, it sounds like it's contradictory to what the Taoist philosophy is, if you don't mind going into that a little bit because I think for the people who are looking for spiritual awakening, and now is getting conflicting messages, right. So help us reconcile, or even share your point of view on this, that would be very, very useful.

Totally. I think people that talk about restriction of sexual energy are talking about people in the erotic or in the energetic blueprint. So that's really useful if you're an energetic, a lot of energetics, what they'll do is they'll masturbate as they know to masturbate and they leak their sexual energy. They don't they can't bring their Kundalini up. Right now. You're probably going to attract a lot of energetics on the podcast just as I do, because we talk about spiritual awakening. So it's why that's why in spiritual awakening

They say to shut it for a while. It does. The sexual energy is always in you, it doesn't actually go anywhere. Right? those teachings are telling you to just not release it down and out. So there's currents of sexual manifestation energy, there's one that goes up the body up the spine and out, that's where the awakening occurs, right? And then there's the manifestation current, which was down and out through the body, which is how most people have sex. Right? Most people they're looking to release energy, rather than cultivate nourish it and bring it into oneness, high state of consciousness. So that's why the Taoist tradition is going to say that because they want you to learn to move the energy from the base chakra up the spine.

CK LIN 46:49
I see. So that's that's that's a really interesting underline because, on the surface, again, he sounds like suppression, opposite ends and then we also have seen The negative effect of immaturity depression? Yes, because the energy is going to come out somewhere exactly thank you for saying that and then that's where to me like, you know in I am hesitant to use the word like pedophilia like this type of like, you know inappropriate use of the sexual energy preying on someone rape all these things because there is not a healthy way of cultivating one sexual energy.

Yeah, I would say I would give a very strong warning to people that are holding their sexual energy and not having any other tactics to bring it up their spine. It's going to get unconscious. It's going you're going to have an affair you're going to notice you're like, that's how that stuff happens. is that the sexual energy is still stuck in the base chakra. We have moved in anywhere. And so it's going to leak out weird ways it's going to do something because it's your life force and it wants to be alive. And what I noticed is that often I mean, I can have orgasms now from sexual energy going to my third chakra. To my to my pineal gland, I'll have like, I'll have pineal gland orgasms, right? I'll have throat orgasms, because the your erotic

CK LIN 48:27
I have no idea what those words mean.

Isn't that crazy? It's basically like you're so the erotic energy for many people is concentrated just at the genitals, right? And the work of opening and expanding your erotic energy is learning that it actually extends to every part of your body and even beyond you. So I can have orgasms without being touched. I can just have my partner across the room looking at me and I'll have an orgasm, because it's it's about an energy play more than an actual physical mechanism.

Right, which is why a lot of people will go to the doctor and they'll have a erectile dysfunction or I don't get wet or something that's energy has nothing to do with blood flow or like, actually, no, nothing. That's a response to the energy. Right? The reptile dysfunction happens when there isn't an energy of invitation or openness on the other side. Right, it's almost impossible to get interaction. If there if there isn't that energy pole right there. erection happens because someone is pulling you towards them. That's why that the blood flow moves to the penis, like we need the pull. Right? So um, and there also needs to be a enough release of shame and trauma in the man's body, that it can actually respond to the pull, because some people have a lot of I've worked with a lot of men that are afraid of female sexual energy. It's so powerful, so they can't like they're scared. So there's release of that like releasing of the trauma and the fear and finding your own confidence. All of that's done through self pleasure practice and moving the energy, not just in the genitals but being able to feel it all over your body and even outside of your body, that tingly sensation. Right? It's that that feeling that aliveness feeling.

CK LIN 50:23
Thanks for that. You share some really powerful paradigm shift at least for me, new way of looking at it. So I'm so I meditate. And I've done breath work. I've done just variety of modalities. I'm a huge believer of sitting in one's pain and suffering as a way to burn away one's limiting belief like David Goggin type of you know, navy seal. To me those are effective ways to overcome one's limiting belief right by just like sitting and pain and suffering, and then allow that to burn away any limiting beliefs because once I overcome that right cold bath, sauna, all these things as a way to overcome one's limiting belief, if I can do this, then I am so much more capable of doing something else, whatever that's facing me right now. Yes, I was one way to do it. Another way to do it is to meditate. And I'm sitting that pleroma state, and in that plant medicine as a way to, again allow myself to, to be in that higher energy and, and as a way to move past whatever limiting beliefs that I that I may have. What you share here is the paradigm of sitting in pleasure. Right as a way to end it just sit in that somatic state of physical pleasure. And then as a way to move past one's own psychosomatic stress or trauma distress response. Is that an accurate way to actually categorize?

Yeah, let me clarify a little bit. So when you're sitting in pleasure, um, pain will arise.

CK LIN 52:14
Interesting. Okay, so say more about that.

So, um, it's almost impossible to sit in sustained pleasure without pain. The body mechanism doesn't know how to do it. The nervous system will cut you down. If you have if there are blocks in your body or trauma that you haven't dealt with, and you're trying to go into pleasure. You're going to dissociate. You're going to get anxious, you're going to feel physical pain. You're going to feel you're going to have like self esteem stuff come up, you'll have memories pop up. Things will come in to cut the pleasure off. Right? Then what you do is you find the pleasure in the pain.

So you go into the paint, I mean, oh my god. It's so many times. I think It was in all my workshops. So many times when I'm having sex with my partner, I'll be in the middle of a turn on, right? And then I'll feel a pain like I don't know, the other night I had one of my chest right to the left of my chest. And I had my partner just push on my chest as I screamed for like, 15 minutes, I'm screaming, I'm crying. It's like persecution, pain from past life is not even mine. But I'm like, I'm in it right? I'm screaming we're fully in

CK LIN 53:28
you didn't even care what the sources are, you are just letting it out.

doesn't matter. You just let it move through you. Right. On the other side of that is extreme pleasure. Right? And for me, because I've had that experience in my body that many times I pain and pleasure is synonymous. Interesting. Like I get excited when pain comes up, and when we're about to reach another layer pleasure, right? So it's not about doing anything to the pain. You don't move it away, you sit in it, you sit in it, you dive into it, and make love to it. Like you just like get your hands in there get dirty with it right of like when there's trauma that comes up for me. And I go right into it, right now, traumas funny because the nervous system will stop you. If it's if it's too much for the nervous system to handle at the time. So you you'll start to go, what happens is people will stop, start to go into the trauma, and then they'll dissociate or they'll hit a wall. Right? Then what you do is you bring pleasure back into the body. So you do a little bit of pain, a little bit of pleasure, a little bit of pain, a little bit of pleasure, and you go back and forth. And little by little the nervous system can start to hold more pain.

And that's the same thing that happens in meditation, you can hold more, right? I also have been meditating for 12 years. So I know the I mean, it's a beautiful practice. And we're kind of doing the same thing. Just with the body system rather than just the mind and the spirit.

CK LIN 55:04
Yeah, thanks for that actually. Okay, so this is just a different paradigm. Yeah, bring, bring back the physical metaphor that I know of is appropriate receptive neuro function stretch. So when someone is stuck, you force them to a place where they're stuck and they ask them to push and then they're PNF within release and you push a little bit more the remote. So similar to that you basically go back and forth as a way to increase the capacity, the physical place to to stretch to to reach sounds very similar to the way that you described it right? So it's not overwhelming your body with extreme pain that then your nervous system shutdown rather is allowing. Sit in it. Let go come back and let go come back as a way to release that. is that an accurate to recreate what you just said?

Yeah, it's a titratiopn. energetic titration. And I do it with pleasure to so if a woman's never had a climax before, I'm not going to blow her into crazy climax and teach her how to do it and our first session because she'll have a major contraction afterwards major, her body interesting is going to shut it down, all her pain is going to come up all the right, we have to own it slow. It's like, you can't you can't just blow people out of the water. It's the theory that is so interesting. So it's not even too much of a bad thing. quote, unquote. bad thing, it's also too much a good thing. Exactly, exactly. And the pain and pleasure. And I did an interview with a philosopher, I'll have to send it to you. But he was speaking to me about the pleasure principle and Freudian stuff. And I'm not a very mental person, very head person, but it was fascinating. And he was saying you're basically living this philosophy that pain and pleasure are in the same. It's the same thing. And they there's apparently the place in the body that experiences pain is the same place that experiences pleasure. Right? So like the brain the neurological function of pain and pleasure, it's like right there. And when you can start to have like, think about what that would do for your, for your systems and how I live now where there's nothing that could happen to my body or to my life that is too painful that I can't find pleasure in it. Like I can interesting pleasure and whatever I do all the time. Imagine the freedom and the strength of that right so there's fear dissolves. What are you afraid of? If there's no pain, I mean it pains there but you're not worried about it. Fear is gone.

So it's it makes me kind of superhuman in a way like there's really nothing I'm you know, not worried. about it, I've even gone so this blows a lot of my people away. But like if if I was violated again, if there was a rape that happened in my life again, I'm not afraid of it at all at all, I could very quickly move it, transmute it, bring pleasure to it find compassion, like boom in two seconds. So there's there's never a fear anymore that love or sex or, or just being in the world is going to hurt. I don't have to run from the pain anymore. And I heard I don't know who said this, but a philosopher said that the suffering is actually moving away from pain. Right? The suffering is when you're running from pain when you're scared of the pain once you're in the pain or not suffering anymore.

CK LIN 58:49
Interesting. underline that little bit because to me, again, doesn't quite compute right now. go ahead and explain that.

let's take it out of let's take it away from sex, right? Let's move it to something a little more concrete. So what would be something? For you have mostly male listeners, I usually use the metaphor of women in birth, right? Because women in birth will say it's the most ecstatic experience and they're like in the deepest pain because they, but some women will say it's really painful. And when you ask them where the mental state was, right, what were they thinking of? It's often the women that are in pain we're trying to get away from the pain. Right? The women that see it as a suffering experience, the women that aren't or like oh, I was it was just full of sensation. That there's probably, you know, I can think of like, men do Iron Man or like any of those really crazy workout or?

CK LIN 59:50
CrossFit, Spartan Race those are my listeners

Yeah, right. Like, it's not just a physiological response. There's also a part You and your brain when you go to lift that crazy dumbbell that is excited you're bringing pleasure to the thing that's about to be really painful. Right now if you do it with a oh this is going to suck then are like scared of whether or not you can do it, it's going to be harder and you're going to suffer more. It's the same thing with sex.

CK LIN 1:00:21
I see. So let's use the way that I understand it is there's the objective problem and and subjective problem objective problem is I'm lifting weights I'm going to the Spartan Race I'm going through this thing is very physically painful. Any subjective is the perception how I feel about this particular pain if it my subjective This sucks, this is terrible. I hate this, then you're now adding on top of that this objective problem. You making it harder versus the childbirth cases. Oh, wow. This is beautiful. This is a beautiful experience the miracle of life. Now the context is different. Now all of a sudden pain is pleasurable. Is that kind of what you were referring to?

Yeah, totally. And to, to get out of the head and into the body with it, right? So if you're, I mean, I like to work out, I'm a bit of a very masculine energy and enjoys it. And if I go into my workout, fully feeling my muscles and being like, I'm going to feel that I'm going to feel like the strength in my body, then you're not in that you can't be in the suffering at the same in sexuality when you move out of your head. And you're in. Like the feeling in the sensation of everything of every little moment. Like Imagine if your whole life was like, that's how I live my life are like

CK LIN 1:01:47
awareness. every moment

like I could tell you 15 things that are happening with my body right now in this moment. I'm in constant awareness of what's happening in my energy body and how my physical body is going And that's what makes a superior lover and a superior. Sexual being is the ability to attune to that to the sensation in the body and the energy.

CK LIN 1:02:11
So I appreciate this. This is a great conversation. So let's actually segue back to where you were referring to when you say, Alright, so sexual awakening, openness leads to more clients, again, interesting paradigm. So tell us more about that.

Yeah. So, you know, when you've hired coaches before, right, you do it because you see in them, it's often not a logical choice, right? Or when you when you have someone help you and you have someone mentoring you. Sometimes you can describe why. But often it's more of an energy than anything else. There's something about this person that has a greater degree of openness than you do. That's it right and you want to be around them because they're more open than you are. By being around them, you become more open, right? And that's also why you date people, there's a part in them that is more open than you are or why you're attracted to someone, right? They were just on this opening dance is the way I see it, like who's more open than me? Let me go find them, right.

And people that are going to be attracted to you are people that are slightly less open than you are. So if you can awaken your body and move through constriction in your nervous system around your erotic energy and find the strength and the ability to remain open, then people are going to be attracted to you like moths to a flame. It's it's like insane, and they won't be able to describe why. They're just going to be there. Right? It will just appear. It happens all day long in my life. And before I had that I was doing the exact same things for my business. exactly the same.

CK LIN 1:03:48
mechanic was is the same.

Exactly. Yep, marketing was the same. What I wrote was the same same facebook live like the whole thing was the same. The shift the quadruple Income came. When I had a deep opening of my body, it was an experience similar to how people do plant medicine where I was with my body. And at that time, my sex coach for five, six hours straight, and we just worked to unravel any constriction in my nervous system. We were just like, you know, we're working with energy. We were working with my hands on my body. We were just like, how can we open more and it wasn't mental. It was a cool experience. Yep. And then after that, it was people started finding me like out of the blue thin air and that's how I live it now like I that's why when I don't I don't ever get worried anymore. But when I used to get worried about you know, what am I going to get the next client or I mean, now it's like a weightless, but before I would stop whenever I felt anxious, I would stop because that's constriction, right? So it stopped I would go in itself pleasure, I would turn off all my computer, I wouldn't think about anything I would go and self pleasure, I would find openness in my body again, I'd commune with the Self, my higher self in that process, right? And then I'd get an email or two of people saying, hey, let's, I'm curious about your work, right? It always would pop in like that. Always, always, always, always. And so that deep trust of your own mechanism is what I think a lot of people are missing in business and a lot of people are looking outside of themselves. They're seeking outside of themselves to find power. They're like who do I need to hire? What marketing but I don't even have a website and I have a very successful six figure business right? Like it's how do we get rid of the the concept that we need something outside of us to to be our biggest self, right? And instead shift to I have everything inside of me to do this, all I need to do is be with myself and listen to it. And it's that inner confidence. I think that that magnetized people into you because they can feel it in your body. They can feel your knowingness of who, who you are and who everyone is.

CK LIN 1:06:19
Thank you for that. Yesterday I came across a interesting phrase. Confidence is one's faith in oneself. Yeah, exactly what you just described.

Yeah. And that comes through. So the other thing that I think is really big in businesses mission, right, everyone talks about mission and vision how what am I am I on mission and what's my brand is my brand on my mission, right? There's that all that stuff. The mission and the vision come to you when you're no longer blocked. It just appears. So that's what happened to me. I was in that day where I relaxed my nervous system. Fully, and then I had a vision of what I'm supposed to do on the planet. And it was very clear. And I was like, Cool. All right, that's what I'm going to do. And there isn't if I'm actually not capable of not being on that mission like I'm, everything I do now is in alignment with that because I'm constantly aligning to myself, right? So that it's not so much confidence in myself. As it is confidence in the mission that's already happening despite me. All I need to do is unblock myself, I'm already going. It's already it's already happened in my head like, there's nothing to do. It's literally already there. My only job is to get out of my conditioning, whenever it appears. Whenever I get ashamed or dissociative or overwhelmed or I just my job is to move through it. Get back into my body, find my source again. And then it appears It really is that simple.

CK LIN 1:08:03
Yeah, I mean, but but the thing is that it is simple to say, you know, you hear the phrase, the model be do half right started with the way of being, then you do what your mission calls you to do, then you will have the result. be, do, have model, right. Easy to say a lot of people want that. And I think what you just share with this over this course of this podcast is your own path of finding that embodying that way of be

Yeah, I think the the big paradigm shift is with entrepreneurs because I work now with coach people in their business now because that was just happened. I didn't even advertise and people were like, can we write that's what I mean. That's how the business goes that are like, Okay. That works. But it's a lot of people think first. And that's where we need to cut we think first and sexuality they think first in relationship they think first in business and thinking should be last. We want to think last. We want to feel first in the body. We want to have the body sensation, the emotional, the energetic sensation first and then you can think.

So the way I like to frame it is I think of it every time I'm in self pleasure, it feels like my feminine and my masculine polarities are merging, right. They're meeting each other. They're making love within me. That's, that's the feeling. And so what's happening is my feminine, right? The feminine is the one that has the creative ideas. She's the one that's flowing, she's intuitive, she's very aligned and and attuned with the universe and the energy of what's around her very empathetic. So I'll be in a self pleasure practice and I'll hear her intuitively say, oh, you're supposed to do let's do a workshop on this, right? So she'll say something right?

And now my masculine will then respond and hold out. Got it. Okay. So as soon as we're done with this we're going to get and we're going to create this and you got to reach out to these people and he'll he'll line up and he'll direct the show. And then she'll celebrate. It feels like there's two there's a dance between those two inside of my body all the time.

And that's really important, especially with all the teachings now around, you know, if you're a woman be feminine, if you're a masculine, be, man be masculine. We need to have both.

CK LIN 1:10:33
We have both to harmonize with each other.

Yeah, and for women, they will often not work on cultivating their masculine so they only have the, I don't want to say toxic but they only have the unconscious masculine and the unconscious masculine so they'll get a great idea in business, and then the unconscious masculine will come in and they'll degrade and shut it down. Let's meet that's what unconscious masculine does, they go back right and they don't hold it steady. They don't create a structure, they just degrade shut it down to mean, right? Now for men, if they don't work on cultivating the conscious feminine, right? They're not getting these intuitive ideas. And what's happening instead is there the the unconscious feminine is showing up for them, which is anxiety, which is like, how am I going to do this? This isn't gonna work, none of that, right? That's the unconscious feminine, they do the whirlwind. And they don't actually ground into intuition and instinct, and so they can't act on anything that's actually aligned.

So I see it all the time in business and that's I would say my number one business tip is can you can you find Can you cultivate the conscious masculine feminine within you in your self pleasure practice or in meditation or both, so that you can find them dancing with each other and let them work with each other and see when you're all in one and not right, like that's a balance there. You got to make sure they both get to be open.

CK LIN 1:12:00
Yeah, no, that's a beautiful way to articulate it. I think a lot of my listeners, this is a little bit out there and then they may not fully understand this, but a lot of them desire this, you know, sharpening of one's entrepreneurial intuition entrepreneurial edge. And then what they tend to do is let me think harder. let me put in more effort. Let me work longer. And I think the answers what you just share is, let's think about the feminine right practices of like cultivating this flow cultivating the surrender, cultivating This is self pleasure, whatever the the paradigm is for this person, then that way, perhaps will open up new ways of this channel and ways to harmonize the feminine and the masculine. for entrepreneurs this is a very concrete way to, quote unquote, think outside of the box outside of conventional thinking,

even to take it out of masculine feminine conversation, you can also do the same thing with erotic blueprints right? So, you know if you're a sexual erotic blueprint to start to cultivate your energetic is going to increase your ability to feel the collective what what your people need. So if you're if you if your sexual and you start to cultivate or expand into the energetic, you'll instinctively know oh, this person's feeling this way. So let me create a course for them or I could imagine that my my future clients would feel this right. The sensual in business is really good at creating the environment. So if you're cultivating your sensual, you'll you'll notice yourself more able to make choices around like your website design or your environmental space or, or people feeling loved. Right. Those are all sensual gifts. That if you're, you want to cultivate the sexual in business, you'll find yourself able to get to the point you'll be clear Right, a lot of mass. I don't know why it seems that a lot of men and business are all they're not clear and direct in their business proposal and in what they're saying they have out there and being direct and people need that right. So cultivating the sexual like start making sure you have a daily orgasm. Check in with your genitals every day it's going to help you be direct. And in the kinky How well can you dominate the room? How well can you walk in and dominate the room? If you find yourself afraid of that then you want to start cultivating that kinky find that dark edge to yourself the Predator Instinct in you. Right? Can you bring that up so you can use the erotic blueprints and everything? And even more fun is you can also start to think about who your clientele is. Are they energetics? Are they sensual? Are they kinky? Are they sexual? Because you're going to want to start speaking in their languages. So I attract energetic cookies into my world. So I make sure my marketing the way I speak. I do an energetic kinky practice before and with my clients, right. And if I had sensual I'd be speaking much slower, I'd have flowers behind me, right. Like I'd set it up very differently. But the energetic, kinky, they don't want that they want to feel my energy and they want to feel that I know how to hold them. They want to feel my strength is a different energy. So you just you play with who you have, if you have sexual clients get to the point fast. They get really bored. So you just you want to be able to read your clients really quickly and and see where their blue printing is. Yeah, you can do it on sales calls to just really fun. Read it right away.

CK LIN 1:15:46
Thanks for that. That's that's very, very fascinating to to hear about your paradigm of translating that lens into business practices. Yeah. And this is a beautiful conversation. Thanks so much.

So for the people who are interested in in learning more about the work that you do Are there any books and you social any website you can send them to?

Yeah so my social media is my most active space so that's a great place to get to know me you can go to Facebook and find me on there my name is Genevieve Genevieve on there or And then also on Instagram and YouTube so you can find if you look for Genevieve, Genevieve, you'll find it pretty much everywhere. And that's that's we have something called the pleasure tribe, which is where I do my self pleasure challenge. That's where you can learn that daily practice with me modeling it and demoing it. And we do those it's closed right now but we do them every couple of months. So just keep an eye out on when we open it again. You'll see it on social media. we'll blast it and then you can get in we have over 1.3 thousand people in there. So it's a really active community of people that are trying to find their own sexual freedom within themselves. It's great to be a part of really fun.

Genevieve, this has been tremendous. You blew my mind so many times in our talk today. I really appreciate it. So let me do a little recap of what I what I get from having this conversation. Thank you. Pleasure. Sexuality is a paradigm for one to practice being more open, be more aware being more awakened in the world. This is just a paradigm is not the paradigm, right? It's very effective one giving that we live in our body anyway. Not just the body doesn't just carry your head around. But actually this is a way for you to commune with one's higher self. And it doesn't need to be quote unquote pleasurable all the time, but this in that space will allow you to dissolve your somatic disstress somatic response somatic trauma and and then and then we also talked about starting where we're at So even with just a single toe, and then then you you know move back and forth as a way to expand that capacity to experience pleasure being that state. And from that then you would open up one own empathy, compassion, love awakening, clarity, awareness, all of these different ways to describe essentially, what makes we are human being so special right, open up our entire channels, shall we say, our chakras shall we say? You're using it to say that so really, really appreciate you sharing your story of past trauma but also your path to where you at right now this open channel to your mission

actually know what we didn't talk about that if you don't mind. tell us: What is your mission? What are your core values? And how do you actually live into that and leaning to the edge every day?

Yeah. So the mission was given to me. And that awakening experience and the mission is to remind people of who they are right in their erotic essence. It's, they already have it and they've forgotten. And so it's, it's simply a rediscovery of self and reclaiming of erotic energy. Because I believe, really strongly that if we, if thousands of people reclaim their erotic essence, maybe millions of people right Fingers crossed, we can actually eliminate unconscious sexuality on the planet. Right? We can, our future generations will not have to suffer the way that our generation has suffered with unconscious sexuality and the amount of suffering, right that's there because of it is unnecessary. It's completely unnecessary. So it's it's thinking about the legacy: Can we what what would it be like for our children and our children's children to not have to go through sexual violence and abuse? How much beauty and expression and fulfillment and live and the aliveness and love can they experience without that? So that's why the mission feel so important to me as I honestly think we can eradicate sexual violation on the planet through the awakening of your own sexual energy.

CK LIN 1:20:27
That is so inspiring. Let's end there. Thank you so much for sharing your story, your gift, your presence, your tactics. For those of you listening, I really hope that you try on this new way of looking at who we are as human beings that sexuality and pleasure is a potential paradigm for you to really open up who you are as a leader as an entrepreneur to in service of humanity.

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