March 30, 2020

053 Veronica Gutierrez: Journey to Feeling My Own Love

During a time of uncertainties, people seek additional ways to boost their immune system. I speak to kambo practitioner, Veronica Gutierrez to share her personal experience with this healing art.

We talked about:

  • The mechanics and application of Kambo
  • How she trusts her feelings and emotion to make better decisions
  • The direct relationship to intensity and growth
  • What a hard reset can do for creativity, open-mindedness, openheartedness
  • Qualities of divine messengers
  • Difference between feeling good from eating ice cream or from volunteering
  • Selection criteria of her teachers


Feeling my own love is the greatest feeling in the world

Many people can deliver messages to you but there are some whose message resonates with your heart

Fill your cup up so much that others feel your love without you saying anything


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