April 9, 2020

056 Tim Sae Koo: Intend and Surrender to Service

6 months before Tim Sae Koo successfully exited his tech startup in Silicon Valley at age 27, he started his pivot as a person and as an entrepreneur where he gets to pour his heart in selfless service.


  • His rituals (including his mantra) to get grounded
  • Pause and let the body answer the emotional flavors it seeks
  • Cultivate flow by intent and surrender (and how he manages his calendar)
  • 7/90/365day vision and manifestation practice
  • Discerning decisions by the mind or by the hear
  • Benchmarking with your favorite childhood song +His major life categories
  • Honing one's vision during hard times
  • Executing small micro-commitments (by repetition and hypnosis)
  • How 1heart did their emergency pivot (reality, commitment, opportunities, quick validation)
  • How to identify your superpower (enjoy, effortless, and external validation from trusted advisors)
  • Validation of their new business model and monetization (a la virtual accelerator)
  • Cultivating your relationships during turbulent times
  • and more...


I am worthy, I am loved

where is my heart at in terms of its excitement.

suspend logic to invite magic

Service(emotional, spiritual, financial) is a privilege

Where in my journey do I want to invite more of?

Thought is creative, words is the action to make it happen

Some of my most magical moments have come from the question of “how can I support you?”

When you are lost, surrendering to service can unlock doors, unlock opportunities, and unlock magic that you aren’t seeing

Surrender to me, it does not mean wave a white flag and lay down on your bed and be lazy; it means having moment to moment awareness of receiving signals and signs and and listene to some greater power.


  • https://www.instagram.com/timsaekoo/
  • https://www.1heart.com/

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