April 24, 2020

061 Chris Finlay: 7 Crucial Steps for a Thriving Coaching Business Beyond COVID

The road to coaching success is fraught with heartaches and headaches.

After half a decade of trial and error, utter burnout and transformation my next guest Chris Finlay was able to breakthrough in the online space as a Business and Marketing Coach.

Today, he helps purpose-driven coaches accelerate their path to success from zero.

In our conversation, we talked about his 7-Step Framework to reach the 6-figure income for his clients.


  • Heros Journey(and how he found his niche and his framework to help you identify your superpower)
  • Mindset (we also talked about being opportunistic vs. being a leader)
  • Message/Market Match (and why you should focus on the problem-aware segment)
  • Product/Process
  • Content/Communication (and his 3-step content framework)
  • Sales
  • Strategy (+before you get someone on the phone with you, time in content (1 hour)

If you are reinventing yourself as a coach or consultant, this is a pivotal interview you don’t want to miss.



Get these 7 steps, you’ll rock it

The hardest moment is actually taking that realization seriously and actually choosing to walk your true path, choosing to break through the discomfort and the fear, and choosing to actually step into light and sharing your truth.

Socrates said, teaching is the highest form of learning.

When you make a serious, solid decision to do something, people naturally have to present themselves. When you've committed, when you've said, "this is the way I'm going", and when you are that committed, things will conspire to help you, That's what happened to me when my mentor showed up and he presented the hero's journey to me and he showed me the path.

Build your house on solid rock not on sinking sand

Choose what you want to do, who do you want to work with, choose that and go for that!

If you create empathy with someone and then you actually give them insight, you give them a belief shift, and you actually showed them something that they weren't aware of, immediately they started to pay attention to you. Immediately they started to perceive you as an authority.

If you want to be a leader online, you have to create solid content.

To be a coach you need to be a leader. You need to be confident.

When you have a good base of content you can use that to build an audience forever.

Content creation is not about creating a ton of content; it’s about developing a skill to create a basis of solid content.

Getting in dialogs with humans is what will create business.

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