April 28, 2020

062 Dane Maxwell: The Entrepreneur Teachings That Created 15 Millionaires

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— The necessary mindset and identity shift from employee to entrepreneur

— The profound importance of listening in business that’ll save you weeks and millions

— The fastest way to find a worthy problem to solve

— How he chooses problems to solve

— How to hone your mind to be fierce and disciplined


Start From Zero

Make Friends With the Mind

The Folly of Fools: The Logic of Deceit and Self-Deception

The Road Less Stupid


Dane struggled to find a place to belong until he found Entrepreneurship. Once there, he built more ideas than he can remember. He became financially free by the age of 27 and found a passion for helping others become free, he has since created 15 millionaires with his teachings


When I hear the word "business", my conditioned mind thinks Lamborghinis, women in bikinis having six pack abs showing people I'm better than them in subtle ways.; but my unconditioned mind thinks that business is untapped potential.

Genetically, we're actually a little bit wired to lie to ourself.

It's the deeper identities that we're not conscious of that directs us like puppets on strings. And so if you can target the deeper identity and even get real clear on it and then find what your deep values are, you can sort of supersede identity.

I'm interested in what’ll bring results and what'd end the chaos of our mind.

To go from employed entrepreneur. First, you need to understand the deeper identity that's at play that's keeping you as an employee if you don't want to be. Because if you're saying, I want to be an entrepreneur and I'm currently an employee, then you're lying to yourself. If you're lying to yourself and you need to look at what the deeper identity is that has, you lying to yourself to stay in that place.

If you are lying to yourself, no shame no shame because it’s so easy to lie to ourselves

Identity lives in the unconscious mind. I hold it like a friend as real, but not true.

I use love quite generously in business. I feel a deep love for most every customer that buys from me and I think we need to literally love the people that are coming into our world, especially people that transact.

Now with this, not totally consciously selfish awareness, I'm going to go out in the world, I'm going to get, get, get, get, get. I'm going to get my idea. I'm going to get my product, I'm going to get my money, I'm going to get my customers, I'm going to get, get, get, get. And it's a very, very seductive thought process that can just entrance. And then in that state, people don't really start. Very good businesses, if any, at all.

You can spend 4 weeks trying to find a great product or you can spend 10 minutes talking to someone

I won't solve just any problem. I generally pick a problem that excites me, that I want to learn about.

I've got this like wicked gift for business. not only to do it and execute it and live it, but also teach it. And a lot of people really struggle with that business. and in an hour, I could give a frame of mind that could free someone's suffering a business for the rest of their life. And I need to serve in that regard until the karmic responsibility has been met or or lifted.

I've got the identity that I'm a piece of shit in there. And I think a lot of people think 'there's something wrong with me. There's something wrong with the way I think. There are just ugly, terrible, awful things about me.' So how big of a business can I build? How nice of a car can I drive? How beautiful of a woman could I date? How much money could I accumulate in the bank? They are all to compensate for a bullshit identity that's not even true, but so real that we believe it. All that to say, as I explore that nothing is wrong with me. And as I deepen into an insight that nothing is wrong with me, and as I deepen into the insight that the worst thing that I think I am is still only a thought. It becomes a little easier to be honest.

If you're just at the beginning phases, for example, going from employee to entrepreneur. Well, the shift from employed entrepreneur is one of the most terrifying shifts you could ever go through. and that terror, if not seen and held with love, will wreak havoc on you.

To do what Neil does, you gotta have a mind that fires correct; to do that, you need to be fierce and disciplined because the mind left to its own devices is faulty.

Ifi you are an employee trying to get out, the question isn’t how do I get out? The question is how did I get here in the first place

So sum it up, what are you thinking about yourself that has you in a situation you're unhappy with about who you are? Be very gentle with the answer that you find. Be kind with the answer. And allow yourself to come back into alignment with, "you know what? I just want to do this cause it's important to me" Because a success doesn't mean anything about who we are. Successes are not personal. We try to pursue success for worth. The only reason to be successful is because to me, being successful feels good. It feels really good to not look at gas prices. It feels really good to buy a meal for your friends $1,000 dinner. It feels good to be successful. That's why you do it. Success doesn’t mean anything about who we are; success isn’t personal; we try to pursue success for worth but that’s not why success is a success; to me, being successful feels good.

Well, we just want to wake up to the deeper awareness that are just relaxed and sense of self that just enjoys life; that just has clarity naturally; that just sets a goal and says, you know this, this is important to me. I don't need to tell it to anybody else.

These are the problems I'm going to encounter. "I struggle with motivation. I struggled with discipline." Who can I hire to help me with motivation? Who can I talk to to help me with discipline? Okay. Those problems are addressed.  You becomes a very successful because it's very mechanical process. Get the energetics right first.

If your business is ultimately about survival, then once your survival needs are met, your motivation will drop-off. But if your business is ultimately about service to humanity, because you've got your identity stuff figured out, you can be big real fast. You can go bigger, farther, faster this way. you won't be motivated by unconscious compulsion is to prove yourself.

You'll be motivated by a pure intention to serve and help others. And you'll go way bigger than if you ever tried to prove yourself in the first place. you know, your basic survival needs, food, shelter, sex, companionship, all those basic needs met. Sure. But I would say. No. Find out who you are as quickly as possible and then live there.

And don't waste any time. Because I've been in admired by people, but it's so fleeting when it's gone. I'm still left with what I think about myself. It's very fleeting. Still me at the end of the day in my own mind,

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