May 3, 2020

063 Jennie Sze: Finding Self Love Without Titles

Jennie Sze had always been an overachiever in life and business: executive at Disney, Starbucks, Wharton MBA, and Boston Consultant Group. Then 5 years ago, she decided to give all that up and pursue self-worth. This is her story.


— The pursuit of happiness

— Definition of happiness

— The daily practice of happiness

— Happiness vs. fulfillment

— How to conquer your fear

— How to use determination to surrender



As simple as getting the potato chips I want or getting the degree or position that I've been hoping for. But then after that, as you said, happiness is short lift, you come back down the mountain and you're trying to find another mountain.

I am the mountain. I always steady and full and there's no seeking. There's only only looking out and seeing everything that past process, through a clouds or storms from shine and how I feel inside is the same, just like a mountain. At peace and happy with whatever is showing up.

The struggle is needed for the awakening to be at a place where you can just be at peace. so that's one thing, like there's no shortcut, to elevate your suffering, you have to go through it and you have to find your way in it. And there are many guides. Once you are ready and willing to seek for your salvation, you will find the guides.

I think a lot of people have a fear of meditating, and that's how I started out. so the first step is just to conquer your fear of meditation. There is a journey, and the journey does require some determination and persistence, which is like conquering.

I want to be able to feel good about myself. You know, even if I was a beggar. and, and I know at the core it's not about our possession and what people think of you. Knowing who you are and what your values are, and your heart and your spirit and your energy, that's truly who you are. When I see people like the Dalai Lama and Eckart Tolle there is some thing about them. They are joyful no matter what happens, even if they have to sleep out on the street on a bench or going on the Oprah Winfrey show. Their state of happiness is consistent. That's what sets me up on this journey

What am I uniquely engineered and designed to give in this world for the greater good of the hive? When things happen and things are not working, it is a good time to question, should I even be in this business?

The more self worth you have, probably the less you think about your self worth. The more you feel one with the universe and that you are one with humanity and It's easy for you to see yourself as just one of the many bees instead of the queen bee.

What I hope to achieve, which is to bring out the light in everyone. So that everyone can glow from within.

I believe everyone is a mirror for one another. And that's why community is so important because you get to discover your glow.

Kindness spiritually have been told to me is defined as being loving and accepting of all kinds. It's a constant practice know of being loving, accepting of all kinds.

Self-love, self worth, self acceptance, and self compassion? I think it's the. Biggest challenge in this journey, The kindness, being loving, accepting of others of all kinds and also applies to the qualities with myself.

in the journey, there's a lot of struggle. But being loving and kind to yourself is the first step, I think to breaking through any challenge.

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