Oct. 22, 2020

090 Tian Mu: Self-Actualization Through Serving LA’s Homeless

Tian Mu is a seasoned tech entrepreneur. He ran a game studio. He launched a social impact eCommerce platform, Brethren Shoes (www.brethrenshoes.com). He is also a self-realization coach who helps people find their purpose, harness their superpowers,...

Tian Mu is a seasoned tech entrepreneur. He was a game studio exec; then he launched a social impact eCommerce platform, Brethren Shoes to help LA's homelessness. He is also a self-realization coach who helps people find their purpose, harness their superpowers, manifest magic!

We talked about....

  • Power of Wim Hof & Oxygenation of the Body
  • Breathwork & Mental Clarity Enhancement
  • Original Inspiration of Brethren Shoes
  • From Conception to Surrendering of Big Ideas
  • Counterintuitive Lessons I Learned From Serving LA's Homeless
  • Homeless Snowball Effect
  • Homelessness Solution Lies in Compassion
  • Counterintuitive Solution to Homelessness
  • What the Homeless Really Desire
  • What Happened Immediately After Receiving a Revelation
  • How He Navigated His Identity Shift During Company Transition
  • Going Through Dark Night of the Soul Moments
  • The Soul's Purpose
  • Life is an Adventure
  • What is Ego Death?



Quotable Quotes

"When this powerful vision was shown to me, I just surrendered and said “yes” even though at the time I had no idea how to do this. But I just figured, ‘you say yes first, and then you figure it out. Just trust the universe that resources, right people- everything will just line up."

Homelessness can really happen to anyone. I've seen homeless folks where professors are like UC Berkeley or investment bankers for lawyers, board, celebrities, Movie stars that became homeless at one point.  One little mistake or, one a medical bill that you can't pay. and it snowballs into a giant thing.

Solving homelessness is not about government handouts. The foundation is really about compassion. I feel people need to have more compassion, more sympathy, and empathy for these people. You don't look at them and go, you're not my problem. you chose that life has nothing to do with me. No, we're all connected. We're all one family. I look at everyone on the street. I go, Oh, there's my brother. There's my sister. It's just a brother I don't know yet. We're all part of the same family, and, would you do that or feel that way for your own siblings, for your mom, your dad, your grandma, grandpa, for your own children, so if that person where your own child, your own sister, what would you do for them.

I have limited resources and time and energy and I won't be able to help everybody at one, but at the same time, who can I help? And I just made a note. A mental note, which is I'll help those that are in front of me.

Each story was simple. Each story is just a bullet point. but between each bullet point, there are 10,000 steps.

Everything is just a journey. And it's actually a journey within, it's a journey about you about self-discovery, about figuring out who you are. What's your magic, what's your power, what's your vulnerability. What are your fears? And how do face your fears? These things will all manifest themselves. Through business or whatever you do.

As soon as I finished telling his story, I realized I could now tell my story.

I'm working on myself right now. I'm working on the most amazing and beautiful project that I know.

My rule is just, do what serves me until telling no longer serve me.

If I'm passionate about something, I become the best salesman of that.

Once you're on your path, you follow that excitement. Follow your heart, follow your passion, follow your excitement, and your paying attention. Everything is interconnected.  The whole world moves for you. All the right people and resources, everything would just show up, and also all the synchronicities.

All of the pieces are there, they're in front of you. it's up to you to put them together to make all the connections.


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