Nov. 27, 2020

094 Brandon T. Adams: The Power of Communication and Strategic Relationships

My next guest, Brandon T. Adams, is an Emmy award-winning Producer and the Host of the TV Series Success in Your City. He is a podcaster, speaker, author, advisor, crowdfunding expert ($35M+ to-date), and media expert. 🔥 Be the first to get...

My next guest, Brandon T. Adams, is an Emmy award-winning Producer and the Host of the TV Series Success in Your City. He is a podcaster, speaker, author, advisor, crowdfunding expert ($35M+ to-date), and media expert.

We talked about

  • Simple Rituals For Optimal Energy For Speakers
  • How I Overcame My Speech Impediment & Fear of Public Speaking
  • The Steps I Took to Improve as a Public Speaker
  • Different Power Tools in Public Speaking
  • The Science of Storytelling (According to a Public Speaker)
  • How He Overcomes Inner Resistance & Make Videos With Consistency
  • How to Build an Audience (From a Professional Speaker)
  • What He'd Say to My Younger Self Going Through the Entrepreneur Rollercoaster
  • How to Change Our Mindset During the Low Points
  • The Value of Being Open and Vulnerable (As a Public Speaker)
  • The Million Dollar Lesson He Learned After Hitting Rock Bottom
  • Identity Crisis & Update Self Identity (For Those Just Sold Their Businesses)
  • How I Quickly Transitioned Out of the Old Identity (After Selling My Business)
  • How to Have Energy Beyond Belief (According to This Entrepreneur)
  • Building Business Relationships As a Long Game
  • The Airport Test And How Relationships Enrich Our Lives
  • First Steps To Create Long Term Business Relationships
  • What Tests Could You Do BEFORE You Get Into Business Relationships
  • How to Be a Tactical Communicator in Business
  • Video As a High-Level Networking & Relationship Building Tool
  • What Tech Platforms to Use For High Level 1-1 Connection - Brandon T. Adams
  • The Right Cadence of Communication And Approach of Adding Value
  • Three Boxes And How They Relate to Relationships, Dealflow, and Revenue
  • Adding Values to VIP Outreaches
  • The Insider Information I Learned About the Media Business
  • In the Last 5 Years, What Belief Have Most Improved Your Life
  • What I'd Tell My Younger Self Going Through Dark Night of the Soul Moments
  • What Does It Mean to Live a Good Life


Quotable Quotes

"Whenever you feel the hesitation to share your story: two ways to think about this. 1)think about the outcome that's going to come from it. And 2) it's not about you, it's about the people that could be impacted by your message. You no longer have to think, okay, I don't want to do this. I always think of it this way. This video could change somebody's life. This video could make me a million dollars. This video could save somebody's life. And by not doing that video won't impact somebody's life & won't make me the money.."


"if you want a core theme in terms of content, we share who we are as people. Share who you are, what you believe in, what you stand for, what you do, how you help people, how you help people in your area of expertise. And then repeat"


"when I experienced the obstacle, here's what I do. I say, Brandon, what is the lesson I can learn here? And how can I use this obstacle as a way to grow and make it a win. And usually will always any obstacle I have when I look at it that way, I find a way to use that, to make me better and to grow."


"the process is what 98% of it. And the other 2% is when we have the wins or the accolades or the goals that we achieve. If you don't enjoy the process, you're going to be very unfulfilled and unhappy."


"the more we're vulnerable and share who we really are and what we've been through. The more people can relate to you and see you as a human being, not this person on a pedestal that nobody can relate to. So vulnerability and authenticity is what makes you stand out in this social media world that everybody thinks is picture-perfect."


"I feel like your net worth, not only in your bank account but in terms of your overall wellbeing is based on the people that you surround yourself with, that make you the happiest and help you perform at the highest level"


"you find out who somebody really is when they're losing or they're hitting a difficult time."


"And so as a TV producer, how I look at media now is I want to know the truth behind it, who funded it, that determines what's going to be on the content and catered towards, and what's their agenda. What is their goal with it?"


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