Dec. 2, 2020

095 Eric Neuner: Thriving Families and Businesses In Community

Eric Neuner is the Co-Founder of Empowered Education, the parent company of Health Coach Institute—the leading online schools for wellness coaches and health practitioners. With employees in over 30 states and 10 countries, HCI has trained over...

Eric Neuner is the Co-Founder of Empowered Education, the parent company of Health Coach Institute—the leading online schools for wellness coaches and health practitioners. With employees in over 30 states and 10 countries, HCI has trained over 20,000 students, making them among the top learning institutions in the world. Eric also has a purpose-driven community hub in San Rafael, CA

We talked about...

  • The Pros and Cons of Living in Community
  • The Protocols and Decision Guidelines in a Thriving Community
  • Compassionate, Non-Violent Communication (For Community Leaders)
  • What Keeps Our Community Together
  • With Everything Amazing, There is a Loss (in Community)
  • Small Steps You Can Take to Build Community
  • Scale Intentional Communities
  • The Hardware and Software of Building Intentional Community
  • What I Learned From My 1st Ayahuasca Experience
  • Creating an Environment to Trust Myself
  • Be a Hero For Your Younger Self
  • How I Found My X-Factor
  • Open Your Heart By Any Means Necessary (According to an Entrepreneur)
  • Coaching Helps Steering My Mind
  • The Use of Technology For Coaches
  • How to Engineer Behavior Change
  • Entrepreneur Hack For Young Men
  • Advice to My Younger Self
  • Take 1% Moves to Get Over Self Doubt
  • Truth, Compassion, and Radical Candor (In Community)
  • What to Say When Standing For Someone
  • Self Acceptance, Self Love, & Enjoy Your Achievement
  • Choose to Create Space For Truth
  • Momentum Begets Momentum (And His Original Rhyme)
  • Putting on Archetype For Peak Performance And Flow State
  • After 20,000 Clients, What Would You Say to Health Coaches Experiencing Self Doubt
  • 2 Practices to Bring More Fun Into Our Lives
  • The Belief That Has Most Improved Your Life in the Last 5 Years




Quotable Quotes

"Regarding community, I would say is not the rules. It's the structures of relating is what keeps us together."


"In times where you're most struggling. I think, we need to be seen appreciated love before we're just banged with truth."


"With everything that's amazing, there's a loss."


"If you are thinking about community, you are in for quite an uprooting of what is your life. So do not do it casually, do not do it lightly, do with your heart wide open and with just an intention of doing things in a loving way."


"Building community starts with software because it's about putting yourself in environments where you're building even the inspiration to want to be around these people."


"Parenting has been the glue of this idea. Raising your kids takes a village. Having all this perspective of different adults is priceless for my children. It's why I do it. It's why I still am in. I would have exited when I got divorced, It's the only thing keeping me in."


"When I look back, it was never about WHAT I was doing, it was always about HOW I was doing it. And was I bringing the end of the energetic of love? And if I was, then it was trustable. And if I wasn't, I knew I needed to do my work."


"When my heart is open, it feels more expansive. It feels like I take deeper breaths. It's usually slowing down. There's a rhythm of nature. It's usually aligning more to that. We know it when we feel it."


"Whenever I say 'I don't know', I'm just infusing myself with doubt. Replace 'I don't know' with 'I wonder' It has a different energetic and it's more playful. And it's not about what you're doing. It's about how you're doing it. So you're bringing wonder, you don't have to know."


"I wanted to operate from love and an open heart and to trust myself by any means necessary."


"How I found my edge was by standing for my open heart."


"And the good (in you) comes from open heart is the good reveals itself when your heart is open and don't apply your competitiveness to just anything, apply it to the game that matters for you."


"Coaching helped me steer my mind. It helped me be efficient with using my mind for what matters to me."


"If you use your power in a way that doesn't work for others, you lose all trust. So yeah. You might get what you want, but you lose."


"You don't have to work so hard for power. You can actually just shortcut it and be a good human. Ultimately you can also shortcut to just collaborate with good people and trust that power comes from that."


"Marketing at the end of the day is just like caring and sharing and the things you're into. The world needs, but they don't know it yet. You could have shared that more boldly. In the sharing you become a, someone who's caring enough to share."


"Where are you pretending? Where are you avoiding? Where are you most uncomfortable? That tends to be your 1% move."


"Until I'm clean, I don't speak radical truth."


"Yes, we can succeed by. Beating ourselves up, making ourselves wrong, fearing judgment, fearing not looking bad or looking good. You can do it. It's just not that fun. It's true. So there's a better way. It works better. The people around you like it more because you're happier. so even if you're motivated to help other people and serve other people, and it's not about you do it for them, because you're going to be a better human for them."


"I've been a warrior. in the battlefield of life of standing for what I think matters standing for my own integrity, my own spirit."


"When we're worried about self-doubt, we're worrying about ourselves; When we're in service, our confidence builds because we remember the value of our care."


"The decision most improved my life is to choose love and acceptance, even though everything in my body and ego is fighting against that, like openly lean into love and acceptance. Even if it hurts."


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