Dec. 13, 2020

097 Freddie Ravel: Life In Tune: Earth Wind Fire Artist Reveals Secrets to Awaken Our Inner Genius

Freddie Ravel is a Grammy-nominated artist of Earth Wind and Fire. He has worked with legendary artists like Carlo Santana, Prince, Kanye, J Lo, and Lady Gaga to transcend the boundaries of music, culture, and thought leadership. Freddie is committed...

With an unparalleled career that has consistently transcended the boundaries of music, culture and thought leadership, Freddie Ravel sees our present era as not the “Great Lockdown” but rather, the “Great Free Up”....a historic moment to reset and raise human potential through the world’s oldest and undisputed international language of music.

As, cut tracks with Kanye and led the teams behind Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Deepak Chopra, J Lo and Lady GaGa to become the expert’s expert on successful multi-cultural and generational integration.

Dubbed the Keynote Maestro by the City of Los Angeles for "renewing the national and international economy" through his Life In Tune™system, his clients include IBM, NASA, Google, Blue Cross, EY, and Prudential calling his “ideal balance of Entertainment and Content” essential for transforming conflict to high-performance collaboration and beyond.



Wisdom Quotes

"It takes speakers 20 minutes just to get the audience interested, but in music it's not 20 minutes. It's about 20 seconds. And people are up on their feet and they're clapping. So one of the great advantages of music is it gets people into state quickly. Why? Because music puts the subconscious mind in a state."


"Music is a multitasking power tool to enhance the way we live a tool that can help us lead better, help us collaborate on a higher level and help us stay in rhythm and stay in sync, especially now in this time of the pandemic."


"If you're in wait and see, it means you're not in rhythm."


"If you can be as present as possible, then you're living life as richly as you can."


"By creating a slower tempo, we create space. Between our words, and by creating space between our words, we allow the listener to hear their own thoughts. And that's when I believe we can connect at the deepest level when, when we're living in what is often referred to as Namaste Cautiousness, right. The light in me recognizes and honors the light in you right now."


"It's very important to match the energy and in music it's so critical. You're not only matching it, but you're blending energies and it affects the outcome and it affects the beauty or the failure of the song that you're making or the music you're making."


"I believe there's another place we can live in our mind and in our thoughts. So when I'm thinking about timelessness, I can associate that with certain sounds, time stretches."


"Gratitude, is one of those super power, attitudes that will propel you into it will surprise you."


"By virtue of having a heartbeat, you've got a drummer inside of you. All of us have this living drummer inside of us."


"If I have a drummer on the stage, I will tell the drummer I'll be at the side of the curtains, like a one, and I'll ask them to start playing a rhythm for me because the drummer will get the audience in state. And it's much easier to hit the stage when your audience is already in state."


"All those people running for office. If they're going to hit the stage, they don't go on with silence or with just the audience clapping. They go on with music in some form or another. And usually the music is tapped into there somehow into their campaign message."


"Music is a system that is as ancient as anything we've ever seen in terms of communication."


"Carlos Santana does hear and feel the energy of the present moment in a, in a very unique way. And he's able to synthesize things very quickly and he's able to bring them to his fingers and he's able to hit that guitar in a way that has given him a stunning, almost unprecedented career as a guitar player that no other guitar player can touch."


"We are teachers sometimes, but students all the time."


"Music to me is a blend of alchemy. Western music talks about keys and chords and scales. And a space of self-awareness and spirituality. I am about accessing the whole thing with those two worlds."


"We all have to find our areas to master. But it all starts with 'I am' and the I am is your melody. And the melody is the thing that people remember about you."


"The fastest way to learn anything is to fail. All of us have these, I would call it all the trials and tribulations. All of us do. It's part of living. You have to embrace the unexpected. The dissonance that sometimes comes with it, the challenge and the change. And from that, you recalibrate and you learn. When you have challenges, that's when you have the greatest growth"


"A zoom call. Is like the sandbox, your face is going to be in a square. I'm going to ask everybody. Take care of your sandbox. because you only have a little square and people have to get a feel for everything that used to deliver. Fashion style communications presentation."


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