Jan. 21, 2021

101 Adam Quiney: How to Cultivate 3 Types of Brilliance (& Bring More Soul Into Our Life)

Adam Quiney is an executive leadership coach specializing in working with the Smartest People in the Room. A former software developer and attorney, Adam’s learned the hard way about the costs that come from keeping your heart safe and chasing after...

Adam Quiney is an executive leadership coach specializing in working with the Smartest People in the Room. A former software developer and attorney, Adam’s learned the hard way about the costs that come from keeping your heart safe and chasing after external rewards to feel whole and complete. From love, Adam is connection, passion, presence, wit, and brilliance. From fear, he is awkward, robotic, apathetic, irrelevant, and arrogant. He’s learned to embrace all these parts of himself, and works with others to do the same in their own lives. Living with his beautiful wife and their two dogs (one of which is a cat) in Victoria, B.C., He is a man on a mission to bring the world to a more inspired and fully-expressed place.

We Talked About

  • How to create our own art of expression with more courage, integrity, and unique brilliance, specifically 3 types of brilliance: head-based, heart-based, and spirit-based
  • Walking a tight rope of loving ourselves exactly as we are and developing ourselves
  • How to change our beliefs that we know no longer serve us:  beliefs, actions, environments
  • How our resistance is the linchpin of our next breakthroughs
  • How he found his dharmic path by confronting his resistance around it
  • How to not give significance to our struggles
  • How plant medicine opens a window get beyond our mind
  • How to ask for what we need as human beings
  • How to be an empowering partner
  • How social media could be a spiritual path



Wisdom Quotes

"You would see me and be like, 'Oh, that guy is well put together and he's got a good tie and he looks good with that suit, but it was like all of that was it was a barrier to connecting'"


"I got into men's work, which brought me into breath, work and consciousness, and learning to embody alpha or masculine energy. Doing these gave me some ground to stand on rather than have this house of cards made up out of like outfits and funky style and all of that stuff."


"There's like this tight rope between loving myself exactly as I am with all of my foibles and still being committed to developing ever greater art."


"A lot of us want more love in our life, but we're unwilling to walk through the gate that is required, which is the gate of heartbreak."


"Relationship as the deepest spiritual practice."


"The way we be will be the same, regardless of our surrounding circumstances. Similar to the Zen saying: wherever you go, there you are."


"Beliefs to actions to world or environment and then back to beliefs. So we have a bunch of actions we take from our beliefs, give us our actions. The third part in this. Is that our actions, the way we act in the world creates an environment or a world around us. That's consistent with those actions."


"I had to surrender any thought about having people like me. I had to die that ego death, I guess we'll call it 'what if people never pay attention to what I write?'"


"If someone were to follow along, they would, that's the biggest thing they would notice is like less Less the energy of look at me like me find me valuable and more more just Adam being expressed as Adam and not doing it. I'm a truth teller, so I don't care if you. What I say, right? Cause that's just the other end of the spectrum. There's not really much growth there, but more Hey, I want to provide value. But first and foremost, that my commitment is that I'm expressing what's real for me."


"The art of our own expression: my job is to express brilliance in whatever I'm doing."


"We can't ever really capture the Dow through words, but words can bring us closer to the exp like even in the expression of it, it can bring us closer to that thing. Oh, I'm talking about leadership. So I'm a leader, no talking about leadership points us towards it. But leadership is something experienced and expressed in the moment."


"Wherever we have resistance is often a compass for us saying, Hey, there's some work that you could be doing in this direction."


"What made a difference for my performance: In spite of all of those fears and stories, yelling in my ear, I kept practicing and I stayed in action."


"I kept coaching people because I, really wanted to believe it. And what would happen is every week or every two weeks or every month, or however, it was something would shift for someone and I, or something would shift for me. And I'd be like, I really think there's merit in this. I think there's magic here."


"Part of the truth of being a human being is we never get to see our light because it's shining everywhere we go."


"It's fine to create our art by ourselves in a cave, but then the world misses out on that. And your art won't have the impact it's here to have."


"Social media is a gift in two ways. One is because it allows us to publish our art and to share our art as an act of generosity of the world. And two, it gives us an opportunity to confront our fears that are getting in the way of doing that."


"The truth is that existence to be alive as a human being includes degree of suffering, it is inherent because we are as a being have an infinite amount of expression that's available and a finite amount of time to express it. So we will never put all ourselves out there. So if you just even sit with that truth, there's inherent heartbreak to it."


"Plant medicine allows us to open a window, not a door because you still have to do the work on the other side of it, but it opens a window to get beyond your mind. Once we can see the truth, we can still choose back into the old way you get the choice of the red pill or the blue pill."


"There's a part of me that I've learned these days to delight and wonder in the fact that some of our existence will forever be unknowable."


"If you're not present with each other, there cannot be polarity."


"The advice I have for my younger self: The answer lies in relationship with other people. Not 'here's the right answer. No, that's not the right answer.' It lies somewhere in being in relationship with someone."


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