Jan. 28, 2021

102 Steve Schwartz: The Search For Healing Took One Man on a Unlikely Journey of Abundance

When Steve Schwartz began his journey of extensive study in preventative medicine at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. Since then, Art of Tea has become a leading purveyor of organic and specialty teas. Each year Steve travels extensively,...

When Steve Schwartz began his journey of extensive study in preventative medicine at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. Since then, Art of Tea has become a leading purveyor of organic and specialty teas. Each year Steve travels extensively, returning with rare and unique teas from around the world.

Steve Schwartz is known by many authoritative figures in the tea industry as a Master Tea Blender. He has blended award-winning teas under our Art of Tea brand and his blends have won awards offered under our private label program for tea companies around the world. His drive and passion for expanding people’s knowledge and history of tea is captivating. Steve has lectured sold out tea blending classes for World Tea Conventions and frequently travels to offer educational programs on tea and tea blending.

We talked about

  • Why would high performers like Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss be interested in scouring all over the world for the best tea?
  • How to unlock your full power and potential through the wisdom of thousands of years of native botanical use
  • How to use tea and other botanicals to create an experience that rivals psychedelics (without the potential downside)
  • Why silicon valley favors the elevated state of “Tea Mind” for productivity.
  • How samurai warriors use tea ceremonies to win battles.
  • How a 2% shift can make a huge impact in the lives of others.
  • How to create a rockstar team that supports you (to stay in your zone of genius)
  • How to 10x your flow of abundance through a simple mindset shift
  • The one discipline necessary to lift yourself from your darkest times.
  • The 3 morning-rituals that give him the deepest flow
  • How to harness your darkest moments into a powerful force for creation
  • How the alchemy of tea can unlock your gratitude, mindfulness, and purpose.
  • How to make a global impact with your mission through storytelling.


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Wisdom Quotes

"I had to share this because not just the taste effect, but the biological and the alchemistic effect that was happening as I was consuming this product, I needed to figure out a way to share this with the world on a deeper level."


"You're able to get the polyphenols, the flavonoids, the catechins, all the other elements in a much on a much richer level as well when you're consuming a whole leaf. So for me, happiness. My mental state was more active. My, my, thyroid my which governs metabolism and governs immunity was more active and I just felt everything super-engaged"


"Very much along the lines of what Ram Dass from his book Be Here Now, once you open up that door, you have the power and the potential and the possibility to continue to tap into that door. It's going to take a little bit more effort, but I believe that through meditation and through yoga practice, and also just the simple act of tea I feel like for me, gets me tapped into a calm, energetic zone where I'm able to tap into and open the doors of either just being hyper present or tapping into a deeper sub self."


"And I believe that wholeheartedly like you put yourself into a scenario where you're giving wholeheartedly. You just keep showing up and you keep giving and loving and then the abundance will come your way. It just will, you will attract it significantly."


"In order for you to recognize a dark time, there has to be some light, right? So if you're an extremely dark room, a dark universe, the only way that you know, that there's dark is because the light helps to contrast that darkness. And in order for you to be even baked in full light, there also has to be some contrast of some darkness."


"Take care of someone else that is a worse state you are in. Try to find someone or an organization that could utilize your time and your energy and your love and your support. And it will lift you. I think even more significantly than the people that are receiving the help."


"My impact really is tea because regardless of age, gender, religion, demographics, geographic location, and the philosophy in life, tea can really help multiple people. And I want to impact as many lives as I can through tea."


"You gotta, churn, you gotta grind and get up. And it's not about motivation. It really is about the discipline of creating the impact that will create the motivation. Most people think 'when I'm motivated, then I'm going to have the discipline.' It's not going to work that way.Got to create the discipline to create the motivation."


"First thing I do before I get out of bed, or when I get out of bed, as I put my right foot down on the floor, And I'm symbolically sending a message to myself that I'm getting off on the right foot. I believe that morning, ritual of how you set the world. Are you, hitting snooze? Are you, waking up and getting out of bed right away? So all these little things add up."


"What is karma? How we think today and how we act today impacts how we think and how we act tomorrow."


"Confucius says self-mastery, family, country, world. How you behave in your thought process, your words, your action ripples out, intergenerationally If you really think about it."


"If we face the dark side, you don't need to take that Jedi Knight sword and try to freaking crush it, just watch it. You welcome it, and you watch it and you let it flower. And then you let it die without trying to control it without trying to, motivate it, just let it present itself. Let it show you whatever it needs that you need to see. If we feel that, that dark edge comes up. just watch it, man. Just welcome it. Like, all right, you're here. What do you want to show me?"


"if you don't have the right teacher it can take you down. It can take you down, but that houldn't scare you. Just keep asking for guidance and keep asking for the teacher. And then the teacher will appear."


"Simple as a blade of grass, putting your right foot on the floor, taking tea in the morning, doing your journal entry before you go to bed. There are very simple things that we could be doing that can have a rich and meaningful impact on our day to day life."


"Storytelling is part of what makes us human. It's the ability to take someone on a journey with you."


"I don't know how much longer I'm going to be on this planet. I hope I'm on this planet for a long time. And I just feel like if I can continue just to show up and be as authentic as possible, then I'm doing the right thing."


"Having the right team can allow you to shine to the best of your ability. And they say right seats the right bus, right person, right seat. And when you find the right people on your team where they're showing up, it'd be and, they want to make an impact and they're doing what they love doing, and you're doing what you love doing. Then it just gives more fluidity and more permission for me to show up."


"Every time I talk, whether I'm on stage or I'm giving a lecture at a university or I'm doing a podcast, I really just try to hone in on one person. So now I'm speaking to you and my intention is that as I'm speaking to you, so if your question is, how can. A speaker helped teach other speakers. It really is finding one person in the room speak to that one person and everyone in the room will feel like you're speaking to them."


"I feel the limitation of time and I don't, I'm running out of time and I just, I need to speak as much truth as I can and, show up for people in this world that really need it."


"As far as I know, I'm super healthy, but. I don't know how long I'm going to be in this planet. And I just, I have to have that impact. I have to be able to do whatever I can, whatever I've learned through the different teachers, through my journeys, through my, my, my product offerings, the team that we're with this channel, being able to touch your listener's lives and intention."


"So I actually think people are more addicted to the crash of coffee than they are the rush of coffee and tea"


"I can drink a shits on a coffee and feel jittery, but mentally foggy with tea, I can just sip on tea all day and feel super present without that crash."


"The 2% tea can impact the overall flavor of 98% water. Just imagine what little impact you can have on someone's life on a daily basis."


"I've found that mindset and tenacity and hunger and drive are way more important to me that than a strong resume of, deep, rich experience in tea"


"When I talk to high executives and CEOs, dealing with those keepers of knowledge with a bad attitude is probably one of the most challenging things within most organizations."


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