March 24, 2021

107 JR Martinez: How to Manifest Surviving Burning Car, TV Acting & Winning Dancing With the Stars

My next guest, JR Martinez, is an army vet, burn survivor, winner of Dancing with the Stars, a New York Times best-selling author, and the podcast host of the podcast “Rebirth.”

He speaks all over the world to share his story and knowledge on overcoming life’s battles.

We talked about:

  • How he grew up with a single mother, struggled his identity, and felt alone in the world growing up
  • He talked about speaking with intention and the power of words and the consequences when he got away from that
  • He talked about how he grapples with saying something vs. holding back; doing it with compassion vs. doing it with force whenever he sees a chance to remind others who they could be.

Whether you can see the parallel in your own narratives and learn from his lessons, one thing is for certain, JR’s desire to help people have hope again, to have trust again, and to have self-love again is palpable. Feel his heart.



Quotable Quotes

"I was one of the first Hispanic kids to arrive in this small town in Arkansas. I wasn't cool enough for the black kids. I wasn't cool enough for the white kids. And then more Hispanic kids started showing up and I wasn't cool enough to hang out with them. I found myself constantly being harassed, literally by little gangs of, people, And so I found myself like, where do I belong? No kid should ever have to feel that."


"I want people to know that there is hope. I want people to know that you do matter. I want people to trust that you have to. Just give it time."


"I never knew until I joined the military was this notion of service. This notion of being a part of something that's bigger than you and I fell in love with that idea of service."


"Jr, it is not your responsibility to fix and take on other people's, weight. I don't have to bear that responsibility. It is okay for you Jr. to set up boundaries. It is okay for you to Jeremy to say, no, not today. I can't do that. I can't do that today. I can't do that next month. I can't do that in a year, but I can meet you here if you're willing to meet me there."


"It's okay for you to know your worth and know what's important to you. It's okay for you to get off of this. Merry-go-round get off this unhealthy carousel. It is not your responsibility"


"when someone says something to me that is attacking me, I always have to remind myself it's not about me."


"I struggle with this is because I almost lost my life. Like I literally was on the verge of dying. I think because of that urgency Because my life was spared. I'm like the stereotype, like an old man that feels like he has to say something to everybody."


"People aren't always saying things to you because they need you to run your mouth. They need you to stop and listen, and to just validate what they are going through, what they're experiencing."


"if you act stupid, people will tell you everything"


"I'm constantly looking at things from other people's perspective. I'm constantly trying to challenge myself to understand other people's pain. Other people struggle other people's needs. And it forces me to understand in the, in the scheme of this whole thing, we call life."


"Do the work on your craft, work on you understand why trust that the universe, that life, destiny, God, whatever you believe in has a plan for you because there is one and your job is to continue to show up in whatever space you find yourself in"


"why do you deserve the reward? you haven't made it. You haven't paid the price yet. So I'm constantly doing that. I'm constantly reminded my young self, just trust Jr. Trust. It'll come, continue to work on what it is, why you do what you do. Why do you want to even do it? Continue to be better. Evolve, grow, listen, pay attention."


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