April 12, 2021

110 Ken Dubner: How to Turn Your Greatest Weakness Into Your Greatest Strength?

"Whatever you're dealing with, it's what makes you strong. Where you think you're weak, where you are anxious, fearful, nervous, because you don't understand you value because no one ever helped you have that value to understand that confidence and say, I. Am, Enough."

My guest is Ken Dubner, a master hypnotherapist. He is a frequent lecturer at the UCLA school of dentistry and the American Hypnosis Association. He is the founder of the Life Formula Method to help people break free from the self-imposed prisons and step into their power.

Ken talked about his superpower as a hypnotherapist involves his humor, involves his personality, involves his total openness about his history, which most therapists don’t do.

He said: “I'm delightful, I'm engaging. I'm funny as fuck because I was a comic when I was in my twenties. So part of my superpower is my ability to make most people feel comfortable cause I'm so upfront and irreverent around my own struggle and because I'm free and they want to be free like that. He is unapologetically himself and he wants to teach everyone else to be that. That's his mission in life.

We Talked About

  • How he bulletproofs his mind where he gets excited on stage where someone else gets frightened
  • Transmitting your greatest weaknesses into your greatest strengths
  • The 3 steps to fundamentally shift your belief system
  • How to be unapologetically you
  • How to foster owning your accomplishments
  • The psychology of confidence
  • Different levels of depression
  • Being adaptive and maladaptive in life
  • The comparison between martial arts and mental health
  • The safety protocol he uses to put his people in psychological safety in minutes
  • The importance of reminding people of their heroic progress


Wisdom Quotes

"Depression has been a real big part of who I am. It's just part of who I am. Depression, for me, it's it might be terminal. This depression may kill me one day, but today's not the day."


"Depression is there canvas upon which my life has been painted and it's cost me dearly friendships, family stuff, relationships, business, for sure."


"What you curse? For me, depression is my curse, but at the same time, I wouldn't be the person I am. So your greatest curse really can be your greatest gift."


"Am I somebody with a mental illness that may one day kill him? Or am I somebody in therefore weak and damaged? Or am I somebody who is able to go through a living hell in my brain? Instills come outstanding. So I feel. Because of depression, vaguely superior to a lot of people."


"whatever you're dealing with, it's what makes you strong. Where they think they're weak, where they are anxious, fearful, nervous about doing things, because no one ever helped them understand that confidence and say, I. am. enough."


"One of the weak points of many schools of psychology was that it was looking at people as damaged. it doesn't cover the strength of it. It's all about the weakness. So we look at people as a group of symptomologies to be fixed rather than as an individual to be honored and enhanced."


"I'm unapologetically me and I want to teach everyone else to be that. That's my goal in life."


"Metaphor is one of the easiest ways to communicate with the unconscious mind."


"When we go to that place of the unconscious mind, that's where we shift things, beliefs and change."


"Part of my job is as I've helped you achieve the change is to remind you to celebrate the change. To be cognizant that you've done an amazing thing."


"We confuse discomfort with existential level danger."


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