May 1, 2021

112 Mitzi Perdue: How This 80-Year-Old Woman Combats Human Trafficking

My next guest is Mitzi Perdue. She is the daughter of the person who founded the world-famous Sheraton Hotel Chain. She is also the widow of Frank Perdue of Perdue chickens. She founded Win This Fight, Stop Human Trafficking Now.


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We Talked About

  • Why she is still working hard and dedicating her life at 80 years old
  • How to use wrongness to attract attention for the right cause
  • A counterintuitive and brilliant way to combat human trafficking rings
  • Why storytelling is her weapon of choice for the impact she wants to make in the world concrete tactics national speakers association use to teach powerful storytelling skills
  • The #1 skill of success the founder of Sheraton passed down to his daughter
  • The specific tactics the founder of the Sheraton hotel did to boost employee morale during the depression era
  • How to cultivate grace and dignity as a mindset


Wisdom Quotes

"If I have one chance of helping one person. I should get out of bed and keep doing what I'm doing"


"Mother Theresa said that it's immoral to be discouraged by the size of a problem. The good that you can do, you must do."


"I have a purpose in life to increase happiness and decrease misery, and I'm unaware of any greater misery than human trafficking."


"A really good thing if you're trying to get attention is to have some wrongness in it."


"Storytelling is what we've been doing around the campfires for probably a hundred thousand years. Our minds have been wired to make use of stories. So stories are incredibly persuasive"


"The deeper it comes from you, the deeper reaches your audience."


"You should probably have told a story at least 40 times before you're on the stage getting paid for it."


"The more you tell it, the more you can live it, the more you can forget the words, you just come out with it because it's on the tip of your tongue."


"Whatever sort of train of thought my father had, it always came back to, you want to be a success, you have to get along with people"


"You couldn't be a good salesman if you don't have a really good understanding of people"


"My father said, people have a compulsion to live up to or down to your expectations. And he wanted to show them by putting his first money into the locker room, showers, dining rooms, and so on how important they were and how much he believed in them"


"A leader's job is to give people better visions of themselves"


"Money, power, and fame are no guarantee of happiness. In fact, I think they make you less happy. The problem with money, power and famous, you always want more and it just distorts everything."


"if you want to be happy, think what you can do for somebody else. You really want to be miserable, think what's owed to you"


"Success is measured, not by what you can get, but by what you can give"


"To me, grace is maybe it's a state of mind rather than how your body moves."


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