May 12, 2021

114 Ava Pipitone: Inner Technologies For the Emergent Future

My next guest is Ava Pipitone.  Ava is an entrepreneur, adviser, and futurist. They assemble teams and design infrastructure to operationalize emergent intelligence, as our world integrates millions of new minds via technology. Currently a general partner with Permanence Capital and CEO of Suyana Technologies; following a life in public policy and government technology. Their expertise in business design, inner technology, and social equity has established them as a speaker, investor, and public intellectual throughout the Open Society Institute, Summit Series, TEDx, and other private ecosystems.


We talked about 

  1. Their purpose - building that infrastructure for emergent consciousness to stabilize on our planet.
  2. Their mental model of honoring their purpose and making them fully alive  and ecstatic
  3. The importance of having someone doing exactly what they want to do and doing it in such a way that feels resonant
  4. The importance of having mentors to affirm their decisions and the path they are on
  5. Their autodidactic, following of their joy, finding their center and finding out a way to stabilize that. 
  6. The importance of cultivating the feeling of ecstasis and how that sense of playful contribution is what most people yearn for
  7. How the heart is a quantum computer and the mind is a linear computer and listening to the expansiveness of the heart allows for constructive decisions
  8. We discussed the latest inner technologies she found to productize our wetware and train our body to calibrate our nervous system for healthy interaction, with larger data sets. 
  9. Lastly, we talked about her spiritual disciplines to induce neuroplasticity and within the right container heal trauma. 



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Please enjoy my conversation with Ava Pipitone, the CEO of Suyana Technologies.


Wisdom Quotes

"when you try on clothes, do they fit? Right. And if they don't fit, you know right away, right? Not just how, how it looks, but how it feels. And then is this actually functional and, and what I'm here to do, is this serving that purpose or not? So when looking at my embodiment at the time, was this serving the purpose that I was here to do or not, was this making me fulfill alive, ecstatic or not?"


"Example of someone doing what I wanted to be doing, which is feeling good. And it's like aligned and feeling clear doing it and, and doing it in such a way that it addressed what I had felt as dissonant. I saw these each examples that were in that, where they were doing something important, they were, they were, they were honored."


"my autodidactic, following of my joy, finding my center and finding out a way to stabilize that feeling of alignment."


"five rhythms is a meditative space. So when you're in the waves, the five waves, they'll go from melodic to staccato, to deep bass, to flutter, to flow and whatever it is that's going on in your inner world, your body goes through all of those transformations as well."


"It's a little bit overused when people say that our heart is the quantum computer and this is the linear computer, however, it's not inaccurate. And when we can really learn the felt sensation here of, is this an expansive option? Is this an expansive vision? Is this an expansive connection or is this a constrictive?"


"Your body knows that your linear brain may not have articulated yet."


"They're all enrolled in the highest vision that I have for myself. And I'm enrolled in the highest vision they have for themselves. And that's the feedback loop we have established,"


"When I'm in a negative space or I'm in a downward spiral of any kind, my people won't let me. They can verify and bring me back and integrity with who I've been being. Right. And they won't let me go down because we're all connected and we have integrity there. So I literally am who I say I am in relation to everybody that I'm in connection with."


"Language is the technology of creation. So I said, we are what we build and I meant it intentionally as an inverse on how you expressed earlier. Because it's about creating with our word and enrolling others in it."


"I like to give the body more somatic awareness of itself. And really easy can be done at any time. I actually do right now. But when your thumb and forefinger touch, this completes a circuit and your nervous system, it's called the yoga and yoga. Just having that as you're working, it gives your body awareness of its own bioelectric field, and it gives your body awareness of its own inner alignment."


"Four years back at a healer, uh, indigenous woman, her name was Cedar woman. And she taught me to always go to a tree and just kind of put my hardship into it and then breathe out whatever the tree has to give me an exchange. And I said, well, wouldn't I heard the tree, but how would I put my pain into the tree? And she says, It's compost to them. It's energy. They love nitrogen, like give us any waste. You can just put your hand on a tree and lean they love our waste products. So if you just breathe. And exhale into the tree. It can take every bit of your energetics of what you're not no longer using and just compost it and you can feel it go right down into the roots and then you can breathe back in and take whatever that tree has to give you."


"There are many pathways to healing and you have to find one that works for you. And if a service is only available through a digital portal, it's really easy to turn off the portal. And the portal is actually causing harm. So maybe that portal isn't the right delivery mechanism for that healing and that medicine."


"Clubhouse is, is an accelerant for finding your people and it's an accelerant to just it's, it's much more real."


"Expertise hierarchy is a scam. That's meant to keep people with good integrity out. Get in there and speak your truth and be heard and contribute."


"Trust that you're on purpose and you're doing everything you can to better yourself and seek that alignment. Remember who you are, then if you trust them, the tools will present themselves and the mentors will present themselves."


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