June 23, 2021

121 Keith Montgomery: Becoming a Polymath, Sensemaking, & Digital Technologies

My guest is, Keith Montgomery, a principal consultant at CyberOi, who passionately supports the evolution of an inclusive educational system that brings people together to solve the world’s greatest problems and maladies.

As a serial entrepreneur in game-changing technologies, Keith has co-founded and served as an executive in companies focused on business intelligence, cloud, and big data, with clients including McGraw-Hill Companies, Avery Dennison Corporation, and Robert Half International.

Keith creates bridges between organizational and human cultures, and is proficient at building high-performing teams that optimize the use of collaboration and technology.


We Talked About...

  • 8:31 How he uses the mathematical mind and linguistic strategies to make sense of the world #sensemaking
  • 9:05 How he learned 6 languages and a became a highly sought-after specialists for nextGen technologies
  • 19:38 Why the dream world and digital world are getting more and more similar
  • 29:34 Why he is excited to use crypto as a means to give more financial sovereignty for the bottom of the pyramid #soverignty
  • 16:12 How he discerns the cult of personalities as well as the possibilities in digital media and cryptocurrencies
  • 50:53 The 6 ilities of NFT technologies
  • 24:43 The analytical and the fundamental angles he uses to find opportunities in the blockchain space
  • 90:34 The difference between spirit work vs. soul work #shadow
  • 104:57 The exponential benefits of having his own systems in areas that are important to him #systemsthinking
  • 104:18 The specific technique of Whats at risk to make fast and accurate decisions
  • 109:19 The 2 frameworks: kanban and check-in to help him make better investment decisions

Please enjoy my conversation with serial entrepreneur, Keith Montgomery.




Wisdom Quotes

"Polymath is sensemaking"


"If I want to put things together, the only way they can look at is all the different edges of, the world around me. Language learning and mathematics, these are techniques that you, get outside yourself."


"Language learning commands humility. And that humility allows me to start to see that maybe these things aren't as disconnected as they first appeared."


"The digital world is like a dream. Can you grab ones and zeros that are on your Gmail account? Can you grab a Bitcoin? No, you can't really. That whole world can disappear just like a dream."


"Digital technologies can now serve those who who are really not only needing to be served, but when they are served, they add so much to the world. You are adding not just their ability to make money and have commerce, but you're adding a whole level of dignity to the life that they can be part of as opposed to being pariahs."


"All human beings should have the opportunity to see that they're not stuck. Like they think they are right"


"if I'm a like of sorts and I've been able to turn on say 10,000 lights and each one of those lights, I turn on whatever their greatness is. It's not the same as mine or whatever, but they turn on a thousand lights or 10,000 lights or more right now you have a mentality or a mindset that isn't about I'm the light, it's more of how do I turn on lights?"


"So if you've done your work and you understand who you are and what you're about, and you see all these opportunities floating around and you go, what do I lose? So if you do your work upfront, then you can go super fast because you have a system"


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