July 1, 2021

122: Jay Campbell - Optimize the Body For Spiritual Development - Testosterone, Nutrition, Exercise, Mobility

My guest is the powerful Jay Campbell. He is a 4x international best-selling author, co-founder of Aseir Custom, and founder of the Jay Campbell Brand and Podcast. Jay is a global influencer teaching Men and Women how to #FullyOptimize their health while raising their consciousness. #RaiseYourVibrationToOscillation


We talked about...

  • 2:31 Optimizing the physical body for conscious and spiritual integration
  • 72:02 Alternate-day fasting, BDNF brain-derived neurotropic factor and enlightenment
  • 74:07 His nutrition (before 6pm) and fasting ritual (to help him live to 120)
  • 76:08 His MWF 30-min exercise ritual as a 50-year-old (and why he is adamant about being injury free)
  • 78:49 the most effective routines to induce skeletal muscle hypertrophy (by tapping into all 3 energy systems (aerobic glycolytic, glycolytic, and anaerobic))
  • 84:30 His daily sauna, foam rolling, and stretch rituals
  • 76: 36 His weekly cardio rituals to optimize his physical body for spiritual growth
  • 39:13 Therapeutic optimized testosterone and its two-fold goal of balance and happiness.
  • 90:39 Trans-scrotal delivery mechanism for therapeutic optimized testosterone
  • 93:54 Microdosing of Cialis as the best form of preworkout
  • 105:03 Why he is intensively focusing on elevating consciousness
  • Please enjoy my conversation with Jay Campbell, the 4x international best-selling author.




Wisdom Quotes

"It's easier to connect spiritually when you are physically and energetically balanced."


"As you become more physically optimized, deep wisdom just becomes a natural order of thinking."


"The stereotypical signs of having low testosterone are a lack of sexual function. The most noticeable signs are brain fog and fatigue early in the afternoon and a total lack of energy. Sexual dysfunction from a suboptimal level of testosterone in the body is one of the last symptoms."


"Free testosterone is the only level that means anything because it is called biologically active testosterone, which is unbound and usable by the body."


"Why would you not give yourself the elixir of life as you start to age with a therapeutic dosage to enhance all your biological systems?"


"A natural intervention involves optimizing your lifestyle to get significant sunlight every day, a weight training program, and eating a diet rich in healthy fats and low in carbs."


"The number one thing to improve your overall standard of life is to improve your nutrition."


"When you're fasting you create life extension. Fasting will extend your life more than anything else. And when you throw in therapeutic testosterone and Metformin and a little bit of thyroid modulation combined with fasting and you'll live to 120 and look like you're 75 probably."


"All of the great spiritual gurus and sages talked about going into the wilderness to fast. In reality, what was happening was they were getting a massive production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor) which is this 'connection to the source frequency'. A lot of people think that 5-MEO DMT is the God molecule, but the BDNF is the next best thing."


"The only way you can actually create hypertrophy increase in skeletal muscle mass is to tax all three energy systems. There are three energy systems that have to be hit when you train: aerobic glycolytic, glycolytic, and anaerobic"


"As you age, the key to maximize your body is to avoid injury. That is more important than anything else because when you get injured, you're out."


"Therapeutic optimized testosterone has a two-fold goal - balance and happiness."


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