July 11, 2021

123 Jeff Spencer: How to Deliberately Play At Your Full Potential?

My guest is Dr. Jeff Spencer – a legendary cornerman coach who has helped athletes win over 40 gold medals, executives build iconic businesses and thought leaders catapult to the top of their fields.

He has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post and worked with Bono, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Nike, Hitachi and Bulletproof.

His proudest achievement is raising his adopted daughter with his wife.

We talked about...

  • 7:32 The 2 parts of our human nature: survival instinct and champion's mind
  • 18:47 The role of an elder for champions
  • 20:12 3 kinds of advisors champions have: coach, mentor, cornerman
  • 25:52 The criteria and responsibilities of a good cornerman
  • 92:25 What's the biggest difference between elite champions (Bono, Tiger Woods) and the rest
  • 105:59 The source of FOMO (and his secrets to living a peaceful life)
  • 110:54 The art of having a pre-conversation as advisors
  • 50:03 The nature of the imposter syndrome and the self-doubting voice
  • 61:02 His magic eraser method to erase past regrets
  • 67:55 Finally, why this is the pivotal moment in history to show up and express your truth

Please enjoy my conversation with legendary cornerman, Jeff Spencer




Wisdom Quotes

"Nobody is born with our assets, which gives us an amazing opportunity to create a life that set of distinction, and also put our unique stamp on humanity over time, based on the forces that we're around and what our natural inclination is."


"We should never try to skip any of these steps to try to be too wise, too fast."


"The experts are promising the shortcut that people will pay tens of thousands of dollars for, but there are no shortcuts quite honestly."


"Finite games are those you have a body of evidence that creates a trajectory towards something that's visible; infinite games are what's beyond the horizon."


"Human nature has two parts to it: survival instincts produce survival and champion's mind a living, breathing supercomputer"


"Elders should be viewed as a resource, as a reality check against presumption"


"There are three types of advisors: 1) a coach who is a specialist, 2) a mentor who covers a single area, 3) a cornerman who has an influence on everything in their lives"


"Full potential play is really a destination that's always morphing and changing over time."


"The key here is that you're not adding more to what you're doing so that you're suffocating yourself, but the sophistication of the level of play is continuing to evolve to higher and higher levels over time."


"Everybody talks about imposter syndrome. That's garbage. The real imposter is us believing that the voice inside us that doesn't want us to go to our goal as us."


"You can predict pretty accurately how 90% of the population is going to respond to whatever that particular event was just because human nature is so predictable."


"There's not a more important time in human history than now to showcase human courage. Today's world can't capitulate fast enough to the biggest bully. We need concrete evidence of people who can manifest things of significance."


"If you do not control your variables, the faster you go, the more risk you incur."


"It was very clear that his job was to have me exposed to things and whatever was natural for me to absorb, I would absorb. Which is beautiful because then he wasn't crafting me to be the next incarnation of him. He wanted me to become the first version of myself. My own pacing that I took on was appropriate for my growth and my evolution at that point in time."


"I would never be so presumptuous to prevent them from the experience of becoming who they are actually through their own merits, because I would be taking away their ability to develop confidence in themselves."


"If their language and their presence of being don't radiate with a certain presence and language that translates to being able to deliver on the promise, you can't trust that they're going to get there."


"Goal focus is a combination of hyper-focus to complete actions in front of you that advance towards goal completion. But also is a peripheral vision that goes to 280 degrees of view and in peripheral vision or situational awareness"


"There are certain ages that are much more vulnerable to FOMO than other ages, when you're in your ascension, then there is a lot of comparisons"

"Every one of us has got an invisible hand that's holding us back that won't let us go all in"]


"If there's ever a point in human history where we really need to come from our truth, it's now more than ever."


"There's only one of everybody in all of creation that has an unique ability to manifest a very unique contribution to humanity. Whatever environment is necessary to cultivate the opportunity to maximize that. That's what I'm for."

"It's extraordinarily important that we don't place a judgment on what we believe the value of our contribution is. If we compare what we believe the significance of our contribution is, that's a huge disservice to us. I don't think that we should be the ones to decide on what the impact is. I think we need to cherish and grow our gifts. We need to show up faithfully every day to grow and build them and to showcase them and to implement them and wherever they go. And the people that they touch will combine in a certain way that will create a certain impact and statement and have an effect on the universe that we're accountable to."


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