July 16, 2021

124 Barry Goldstein: Music, Sound, And Vibration as Tools For Transformation

My guest is Barry Goldstein. He is a Grammy Award-winning producer whose passion is using music to transform lives.  He has collaborated with New York Times Best Selling Authors Neale Donald Walsch, Anita Moorjani, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Dr. Daniel Amen. He is also an author himself - The Secret Language of the Heart: How to Use Music, Sound, and Vibration as Tools for Healing and Personal Transformation. Barry’s music is being used in hospitals, hospices, cancer centers, and medical practices to help Stroke victims, those who struggle with Alzheimer's disease, people with Aphasia, those with ADD and many other ailments.

Please enjoy my conversation with Barry Goldstein.

We talked about

  • 3:45 How music is the internal symphony that happens within us; our heart is our metronome.
  • 11:18 How to activate a peak emotion like joy and autobiographical memory with musical pinnacle
  • 6:36 Using music and playlists to manage and optimize your energy for specific intentions throughout the day
  • 18:51 Barry also gave a few demonstrations and examples of how he creates an emotional journey and destination in each song
  • 29:02 Why it's a good idea to journal your internal subjective experience while listening to music for and deeper self-discovery and deeper insights
  • 32:14 What Barry does to intentionally create more synergy before he goes into a podcast interview
  • 48:03 How he actively creates space (and invites divine flow and creativity)
  • 51:07 The 5 minutes rule to discern what he needs to ignore and what to pay special attention
  • 72:04 The talked about how he discerns powerfully projects to take on whenever fear is present.
  • 62:16 Finally, his IRA rule (Identify, release, attune) to move energy systematically with music


Wisdom Quotes

"When you get a gift and you receive it openly, you give the gift many times over."


"We talk to our heart and then we have the opportunity to listen to what our heart has to say back."


"Your heartbeat is not the same as anybody else's heartbeat on this planet, your heartbeat is unique completely to you, the exact heartbeat, the same with your breath. No one has the exact sound that how your breath sounds in your physical body as you inhale, inhale in and out."


"Whatever you are afraid of to make, go make that."


"They have full permission to go out and live their lives and then learn these intricate techniques that you have shared with us so generously using music as a vehicle to channel their passion and curiosity and purpose."


"Ego is receiving for the self alone."


"Everything you do is sacred. Every song that you make it's sacred."


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