Nov. 3, 2021

129 Shelley Paxton: From Burnout Corporate Executive to Soul-Full Badass - the Journey of Former Harley-Davidson CMO

My guest is Shelley Paxton. She is the:

  • Former CMO of Harley Davidson
  • Best-selling author of the book Soulbattical: A corporate rebel's guide to finding your best life Forbe's 21 books to read in 2021
  • She has been featured on NBC, CBS, Thrive Global, Forbes, Inc., Business Insider, and PBS.
  • She is a fellow podcaster at Rebel Souls
  • I am interested in speaking to her because she wrote her journey transitioning from the 1st mountain to the 2nd mountain in her book Soulbattical.

We talked about...

  • 55:01 How to honor who you are while being a public persona
  • 39:11 How to rejuvenate your soul without sacrificing your current responsibilities
  • 11:38 What are the symptoms of burnout high achievers?
  • 6:32 The exact steps she took to crystalize her vision - liberate 1billion souls - who she chose to share it with and why knowing these steps are important for you
  • 48:25 Her one technique to protect her superpower between meetings
  • 71:01 What's her "I am" mantras and how they reinforce her new identity every day
  • 30:10 The number 1 question that gave Shelly the clarity and courage to leave Harley Davidson
  • 27:44 What's Shelly's POV on the years you may think you've wasted that ultimately give you no satisfaction
  • 81:14 Finally, What does the Harley Davidson brand represent and how she is taking the lessons she learned to build her new movement Soulbatical



Wisdom Quotes

"I have this intention to liberate a billion souls. I don't know exactly how that's going to happen. I know I'm not going to do it on my own. I know that's part of my impact in the world. I know if I keep showing up in my authenticity, in my courage and in my purpose every day as a light house. I'll be guided."


"I've let go of one trapeze swing and the next one isn't there yet. And I'm breathing into that magical moment that the next best step will be presented to me."


"When I'm feeling all the butterflies or that nervous energy, or whatever's coming up for me in the moment I check in with my body and I say, thank you for reminding me that I'm alive. This is what it feels like to be alive and moving forward and to have a big mission in the world. it's where the magic and the synchronicities and all of that yummy stuff happens for us. It doesn't happen when we're in our comfort zone. It doesn't happen when we're playing small in that corner. It only happens when, as you said, we're like on the edge. And that's powerful."


"If I continue to live as I live now for the next 5, 10, 20 years, am I moving towards of who I want to become or further away?"


"Radical self commitment is bigger than selfcare. It is really committing to our values, committing to our truth, committing to our courage, and committing to creating what we want to create"


"I assume positive intent. I assume that the people who are finding my work are going to step into the arena with me. And so I'm willing to go there. I'm giving you that chance. And if you then just start hurling insults from your seat, and you're not willing to get in there with me, I got no time for it."

"Slowing down and sinking in and listening deeply, space holder is one of the most valuable roles we can play. And one of the most valuable gifts we can receive. And I want to see more of that in the world to slow us down and get us out of this busy-ness and be that for each other. That to me is a big piece of what success looks like on this second mountain"

"Impact billionaires are the people who are changing lives and our world and our culture for generations to come."


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