Nov. 23, 2021

130 Akira Chan: Master Storytelling to Inspire, Influence & Start Movements

My guest, Akira Chan, has worked with some of the biggest knowledge influencers of our time, including Deepak Chopra, Peter Diamandis, Joe Polish.

He shared some of his most powerful storytelling frameworks to help these knowledge influencers to craft their stories, stand out from the noise, and make a bigger impact, and become truly iconic.

We Talked About

  • 8:33 Why transformational stories are so irresistible to humans?
  • 12;58 What separates the iconic knowledge influencers from everyone else
  • 9:22 How to find the heartbeat of a transformational story?
  • 24:57 How to balance the head and the heart as a storyteller of transformational stories?
  • 48:06 How to cultivate growth-oriented partnerships (and how to pick your partners)
  • 27:07 How to go from transactional- to longterm-client relationships?
  • 39:13 How to Transition to Impact-Driven Projects?
  • 29:29 How to make a viral video (13:37 and an example of a great founder story that started a movement)
  • 55:07 How to protect your presence (for your spouse, children, employees, clients) while juggling multiple projects
  • 19:02 How to parent with the head, heart, hands, and soul
  • 61:05 How to be your most creative self (with morning rituals, tasks management, and client selection)
  • 88:06 What are the benefits of having a men's group
  • 72:55 How do you elevate your own consciousness now that you are a husband, entrepreneur, father and others depend on you


Rare Media

Little Humans by MindValley


Wisdom Quotes

"There's usually something usually in your childhood that planted a seed. And it usually has some, had some kind of emotional impact on you where consciously or subconsciously your path, your fate, your destiny, and a lot of your consciousness was started to move in that direction."


"What I want to aim at is: Where does that impact everything that you've created? The whole story around that? Where does that exist in the founder and where does that exist in their upbringing or their psyche or their value system? "


"It's really special to make it very personal and to focus on that personal moment that sparked everything that came from."


"Hey, this is me. This is the way I see the world. What you're getting is that I might be holding a camera. I might be making a film, but what you're getting is me and the way I see it, and it took many people telling me that before I actually understood it and embraced it."


"I recommend that people try out partnerships and relationships as a way to grow. You can only build great things with, with a team, with more people, even just that one person and partnerships can make or break you"


"You might want to just embrace everything and listen to what you can do and execute on what you can do and, and not be too picky, not turn away those divine moments of inspiration."


"If you are constantly leaving, you can't build loyalty and long, lifelong, really deep, reliable relationships. If you're always coming and going and changing your environment and moving with what's new."


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