Dec. 22, 2021

131 Michael Breus: Power Your 2022 Goals With 5x5 Energy

2022 is almost here. How do we have enough energy to start the new year with a bang? (and sustain the momentum throughout the year!)


If you are a knowledge worker who doesn't have time to study the latest research and you just need to know the rules to make it work for you.


Dr. Michael Breus, America's Most Trusted Sleep Doctor, is here to teach you how to get more consistent energy throughout the day.


We'll talk about your chronotype type and your metabolism type, and use that information to personalize your daily movement, eating, and resting schedule so that you feel happier and more energized in 30 days.


Further, we talked about:

  • 03:40 What is the value of "energy" and how it is foundational for change?
  • 04:24 What categories of energies impact our lives?
  • 07:41 When and how to monitor these energies?
  • 17:44 For teaching purposes, is it better to make the ideas black or white?
  • 21:59 How did he discover his dharmic path in sleep and energy?
  • How to protect yourself from things that steal energy from you that you've unknowingly enabled them to do?
  • 43:12 How to get 'balanced' energy throughout the day? (and the scientific research that backs up his rest, food, and movement protocols)
  • 46:10 (bonus)How does he balance learning and teaching to maintain consistent high throughput over 22 years?
  • 08:44 (bonus)How to design a book curriculum for readers to get results fast (without wasting their time and energy)?
  • 53:14 (bonus) After 100s of appearances as an expert guest, he tells us how to get on TV easily to amplify your message.
  • 59:05 (bonus) How does he pick the topic for the books he is writing to ensure they become bestsellers?(and why most authors overthink and waste time and energy)



Wisdom Quotes

"Energy is the ability to change. You change from one state to another state that is energy"


"I've been reading a lot of intermittent fasting journals lately. And a lot of times they say: you can choose a 12 hour fast, uh, a 14 hour fast or a 16 hour fast, whatever you want. I don't think that's true. I think that you do it based on your body type. If you were along and lean ectomorph, then you need a larger feeding window. So you will fast for 12 hours and eat for 12 hours. If you're a mesomorph, then you fast for 14 hours feed for 10. If you're an endomorph, then you can fast for 16 hours and eat for eight."


"It's not about being perfect. It's about having energy."


"I'm addicted to helping people. It gives me energy. I love that the idea of helping people and being able to have a little bit of knowledge and share it and change somebody's life. It's really one of the most attractive things I've ever had happened to me. I will also admit it's easy to talk at cocktail parties when you tell people that you're a sleep doctor, because the questions just start coming and I have a good time answering it."


"Sitting is the new smoking"


"The goal here was not to ask you to take anything out of your day; the goal was to actually put something in that can be helpful and flow within your day perfectly."


"Having a community affects your energy. This is not meant to be done all on your own. This is meant for you to incorporate some folks in your life. Or talk to people about these ideas because the more community that you have: number one, you'll definitely have more energy during the day, but number two, you'll have far more happiness for far more positivity, far more gratitude. All the things that are really good for your immune system, your cardiovascular system, your sleep, like all of these things feed back into your anatomy in a hyper positive way, which in turn enables your anatomy to give you more energy."


"identifying those energy vampires can be enlightening and upsetting all at the same time and allowing yourself that space and distance from them can be a worthwhile pursuit."


"It's really amazing when I talk with people about their sleep or about their energy and I express a thought or an idea or a piece of science and they stop dead in their tracks and they just. 'Oh my gosh, I just realized something about myself' That's all I need to keep me motivated and energetic and kind of working through my day. I feel like helping people getting outside of my own self and my own condition and helping people is probably the thing that has been some of the most energetic work I've ever done."


"Consistency breeds positivity. Sometimes it's tough to be consistent; it's hard to stay motivated. I lean on my discipline and that pulls me through. And then once I get on the other side, I feel like I can do it again."


"It's very easy to get on television. When you write a book, they want to hear your information, especially if you've got a scientific background like me and you discover something new or you create something new. Every five years, if I write a book, it continues my media cycle very easily, which allows me to move forward with my brand."


"If you're an entrepreneur and you're becoming an expert in your field, number one, write a book. It's a 100% credibility builder. Number two, Nobody has a hard time plugging a book on television in the media, on podcasts, on anything. So being able to get your word out, it's very different than if you have a product that you developed products. Books belong in a discussion. So allowing yourself to have that level of expertise and then fortifying it with a book every, anywhere from three to five years will work out really well."


"If you want to know about legacy, write a book. You want to talk about having a legacy and leaving the universe with something that it didn't have before, or maybe it's packaged in a different way, or maybe you've been able to give access to people in some unique way."


"For folks out there who are trying to get to that legacy point in their career, putting out good, well-referenced content, not just your opinion, but real science, real facts, really working off of real data. I think that's where you can over the course of time, build that body of work and have legacy and be able to help millions of people. Like that's a pretty cool thing to get to do. I feel super honored that people like my topic enough and enjoy my voice enough to listen to what I have to say."


"I need the knowledge myself if you really think about it. I've pretty much written books about things that I wanted to learn about and then really dove deep on that. I kind of write books about me and the steps that I'm going through in my life. And I think there's a lot of people like me out there, um, who are going through these same struggles who are trying to learn these same things, and are having some difficulty with it. And so I guess I'm just kind of throwing out my piece to see how it works for people. My piece is usually very scientifically validated and lots of references and I'll also be including all the cool new trends, and I think people appreciate that."


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