April 11, 2022

134 Drew Pierson: Researched-Backed Techniques That Train Your Brain to Be More Innovative

134 Drew Pierson: Researched-Backed Techniques That Train Your Brain to Be More Innovative

My next guest is Dr. Drew Pierson.

He has spent years analyzing and working with enlightened minds, peak performers, and titans of leadership. He has spent tens of thousands of hours researching neurology medical journals and has received extensive training on the most exquisite brain-enhancing equipment and technologies available in the world. In his private practice, he has been creating real-time changes to enhance people’s brain structure and function as a clinical neurofeedback therapist for 2.5 decades.

Dr. Drew’s experience in neurosciences and neurofeedback therapy isn’t just unusual because of his vast studies, experience, and training. Dr. Drew has taken the field of brain enhancement to another dimension. With his capacities to interpret an individual’s EEG brain scans, and a deeper understanding of what the data in the clinical studies actually reveal, Dr. Drew has advanced the medicine of neurofeedback therapy from just treating pathology (such as depression, ADD, and sleep disorders) and into enhancing the intricate structures and functions of leadership, wisdom, and awakened consciousness. His results are astounding, and a new realm of human potential has been born.


In our conversation, we explored these questions:

  • (6:02) How do your brainwaves (alpha, beta, gamma, theta) positively or negatively impact your ability to be a visionary leader?
  • (9:40) Why are breathwork and HRV the proven entry for cognitive optimization?
  • (23:18) How to select the right meditation for your objective?
  • (51:54) How to use EEG technologies to accelerate your brain development?
  • (63:33) What are the different brain wave patterns between world-class performers and everyone else?
  • (66:42) What are the unusual sleep-wakefulness training, Einstein and Ben Franklin did to help them innovate?
  • (67:03) What are the top 3 obstacles high performers encounter during their brain training?


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