June 9, 2022

135 Mitch DeArmon: The Power of Men's Initiation

135 Mitch DeArmon: The Power of Men's Initiation

My guest is Mitch DeArmon. He is a leader of men and a forceful advocate for men. He currently facilitates the Man-to-Men event, an initiation event for men who are looking for the strength that comes with associating with other great men (man-to-men.org).

As someone who has maintained himself with men’s groups and through strong relationships with other men, he believes that this is the key to changing the role men have in our society and the social view that men are expendable.

Mitch’s areas of specialty include Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Adolescent Males, Mentoring, Initiation, Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Men, Couple Dynamics, At-Risk Youth, and Character Development. Over the last 30 years, he has served as a Mentor, Trainer, Motivator, Mediator, Speaker, Counselor, Leader, Coach, Program Developer, Problem-Solver, Case Manager, Facilitator, and Sponsor. He has been a radio show host on KSRO and authored several guidebooks on teen boys and mentoring.

Mitch’s background also includes 30 years of working with teen boys. An original founder of the Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend, he developed the programming still used today to serve hundreds of youth and also facilitated the weekends. Awarded a personal $240,000 private foundation grant for 2002 and 2003 to develop mentoring and initiation programs for male adolescents of which the LeadershipWorks programs are the result.


Man to Men


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