NobleWarrior is where high achievers learn about purpose and fulfillment from proven philosopher-entrepreneurs through interviews and transformational experiences.

Hi, I’m CK Lin. In my 20 and 30s, I chased the traditional definitions of success. I have a PhD in biomedical engineering from UCLA. I became a director at the University of California. I was the Chief Culture Officer that grew an idea to 9-figure in valuation. Meanwhile, I noticed the self-esteem rollercoaster ride was getting bumpier and bumpier. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon transformational technologies, tools, and processes I found a new level of high performance and freedom.

I created NobleWarrior to help other high achievers who love life and transformational experiences as much as I do learn from a mix of master teachers and mentors, including:

We tell stories from our own hero’s journey to offer solutions to problems that overwhelm other founders.