Welcome to Noble Warrior, where CK interviews thought leaders on their journey to master their minds and live a life of joy, prosperity, and purpose. Each episode delivers valuable insights and practical tools to help you neutralize your inner critic, activate your higher self, let go of bad habits, and cultivate empowering disciplines.

Our podcast has had the pleasure of hosting a diverse range of guests, including renowned individuals like:

The Noble Warrior Philosophy is a transformative system designed for those seeking to embody their best selves in both their personal lives and businesses. It combines the virtues of being "Noble," which involves honoring your higher self, and being a "Warrior," which entails facing inner saboteurs and external adversity with courage. We believe that everything is learnable and that individuals have the capacity to acquire the skills necessary to create the life they desire. Through expert guidance and a supportive community, we accelerate the journey toward a purpose-driven life.

In each episode, CK deconstructs world-class performers from various fields, extracting their tactics, tools, and routines that you can apply in your own life. From favorite books to morning routines, exercise habits to time-management tricks, the podcast offers a wealth of practical insights.

The interviews are known for their raw and open nature, as guests have final say over the audio before it is published.

If you resonate with the values and message of the Noble Warrior Philosophy, we invite you to join our community as we strive to make a difference through purpose and service.

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About the Host

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CK Lin, PhD

Executive Coach | Podcaster

​​CK is an executive coach and expert in midlife transitions and mental fitness. With a background as the Chief Culture Officer of a tech startup (now valued at $1.6 billion) and a PhD in engineering from UCLA, CK has a unique blend of scientific and business knowledge. He has spent his career helping university researchers, founders, and entrepreneurs clarify, express, and amplify their purpose through his NobleWarrior method. If you're a midlife leader looking to refine your true purpose and m