NobleWarrior is where CK interviews leaders about their journey from the first mountain of achievement to the second mountain of higher purpose. We talk about locating their inner power, finding purpose, upgrading mindset, dissolving barriers, actualizing visions, and thriving in modern times.

Being “Noble” is to serve: surrendering your ego, honoring your higher self, and serving the people who you chose to serve from a place of commitment.

Being a “Warrior” is to have the willingness and courage to lean into discomfort and inner resistance for the sake of your growth and freedom.

The Noble Warrior is the archetype who is aware and aligned. He is at war with oblivion, chaos, and confusion. He actively creates tools that lead to more clarity, insights, and harmony. He is committed to living in a world with calmness, groundedness, and flow.

The NobleWarrior podcast is the Dojo where we continue to excavate life lessons, share our best tools, and serve others on the same path.

About the Host

CK Lin, PhD Profile Photo

CK Lin, PhD

Course Creator | Purpose Coach | Podcaster

CK Lin provides noble guidance for achievers seeking to summit their second mountain of higher purpose. He was the purpose coach for the founder and chief culture officer of VideoAmp from 2015 to 2018, now valued at $1.6B. He has a PhD in bioengineering from UCLA and has served university researchers, startup founders, and other high achievers. At NobleWarrior, he combines his scientific training, startup experiences, and Eastern practices into the NobleWarrior method to empower others to clarify their soul purpose, upgrade their mindset, and actualize their vision in business and relationship.