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Pablos Holman

Venture Capitalist

Pablos is a notorious hacker, inventor and technology futurist who thinks differently to solve the world’s biggest problems by inventing new technology. At The Intellectual Ventures Lab, he worked on a brain surgery tool, a machine to suppress hurricanes, 3D food printers, and a laser that can shoot down mosquitos – part of an impact invention effort to eradicate malaria with Bill Gates. Previously, Pablos helped build spaceships with Jeff Bezos at Blue Origin; the world’s smallest PC; 3D printers at Makerbot; artificial intelligence agent systems; and the Hackerbot, a robot that can steal passwords on a Wi-Fi network.

March 11, 2023

163 Pablos Holman: Lessons from Working with Tech Titans and Mad Scie…

My next guest is Pablos Holman, a world-renowned hacker, inventor, and technology futurist with a unique ability to distill complex technology into practical tools. His past projects include building spaceships at Blue Origin...

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